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Doing Wrong for “Right,” The Continuing Ex-Gay Lesbian Custody Battle

You may remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Vermont-Virginia lesbian custody battle. My simple goal at the time was to debunk the WND article on the matter. Now, there’s been an interesting new development that I’d like to comment on (and then we’ll see how WND’s compares—if they even comment further). […]

The ZackFord Blogs Top 10 of 2009

Wow, what an interesting year it has been! Next week I’ll celebrate ZackFord Blog’s first birthday, probably by writing a long reflection about that first year of blogging (because reflecting is what we student affairs professionals do). For now, I thought I’d highlight posts from the past year that I hope are still worth reading! […]

Some ZFb Holiday Tidbits

Hey everybody! Here are just a couple of little highlights worth checking out… » Don’t forget! Tonight is the finale of The Sing-Off. Voices of Lee, the group from gay-hostile Lee University, is in the finals. » On Friday, I wrote a piece called, “How Long Until We Have Campus Atheist Resource Centers?” This post, […]

How Long Until We Have Campus Atheist Resource Centers?

In my post yesterday, I argued that challenges to religious beliefs should be pursued despite the emotional defensiveness such challenges often spur. Such self-victimization is really a façade for cognitive dissonance, cognitive dissonance that is never addressed if we allow the defensiveness to sway us. Respecting faith has the consequence of reinforcing dualism and stifling […]

Why Is It “Disrespectful” and “Offensive” To Challenge Religious Beliefs?

The question that is the title of this post is essentially the nature of this blog (and this blogger’s intentions), particularly because I don’t intellectually respect beliefs (ideas confidently held as truth without proof). Even though I’ve talked about these ideas a lot, I still feel like it takes a lot of courage to say […]

Music Is About Freedom and Unity, Not Lee-gham Homophobia

I love music (duh). And not only do I love music and making music of all varieties, I particularly love a cappella music. This might owe to the fact that the men of Ithacappella were some of my best friends in college. Heck, we had Rockappella (yes, the Rockappella (yes, the Carmen Sandiego one)) at […]

What’s Your Favorite Atheist Holiday Tradition?

After two heavy days of IC Pianogate, I can’t think of anything better to get us back on track than some Atheist Holiday Traditions, courtesy of Big Fat Whale (hat tip Friendly Atheist). If Parson Brown says “Are ya married?” we’ll say “No, sir, and it’s your damn fault we’re still not allowed to! Stop […]

Reflections: Why Are Ithaca College Pianos a Big Deal?

At this point, most of the momentum behind what I’ve been calling “IC Pianogate” has probably worn off. We might still get some details about the damage done to pianos and marimbas in the Whalen Center for Music at Ithaca College (like this message from Dean Woodward), but I think most of the community has […]

IC Pianogate: Words of Support From Alumni

It’s a new day and finals week is proceeding as planned, but I’m sure that the Ithaca College community is still struggling. The attack on the music building facilities will have a lasting effect not so easily dismissed. Last night’s vigil did seem refreshing, but today I wanted to offer some words of support from […]

IC Pianogate: Some Videos From The Vigil

While I am very sad that I could not drive to Ithaca today to partake in the vigil for the pianos, I was able to recruit my friend Luke Elmers to take some video of the event. Below are some exclusive clips. There are more to be found on the vigil’s Facebook event page. In […]