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Creating Change in Denver – State of the Movement

On Friday, we had another plenary session where The Task Force’s Executive Director, Rea Carey, shared with us the State of the Movement.  (UPDATE: Jeremy now has video posted over at Good As You!) It’s not biology, but love that makes a family. She must have added that last minute, because it’s not provided in […]

Creating Change in Denver – Things I Love

I can’t believe Creating Change is already half over!  There are a lot of great things happening here.  I’m going to post about some more details regarding my specific experiences, but here are just a couple of things I absolutely I love about being at Creating Change! » Seeing queer people of color and a […]

Creating Change in Denver – Thursday

Hey hey!  It’s update number one from the mile-high city!  Here are some quick highlights from my first day at Creating Change! Today was the institute for the Consortium of LGBT Higher Ed Resource Professionals.  I connected with my colleagues and we discussed issues like how centers can network better, ways of addressing policy around […]


I got all the work done I needed to get done and I am officially on my way to Denver for Creating Change!  Four days in Denver with awesome people that want to support the LGBT community!! Stay tuned for posts!

*GASP* There are atheists in our universities!

This week’s Chronicle of Higher Education has a feature commentary entitled, “Atheist Students on Campus: From Misconceptions to Inclusion” by Kathleen M. Goodman and John A. Mueller.  Goodman and Mueller are in the process of publishing a more in-depth research article about atheists in higher education (that I’ve had the privilege of already reading).  It’s […]

Can of Worms/Pandora’s Box/Just Another ZackFord Day

Well, today has been interesting. I am trying to concentrate on the academic writing I need to be doing, but there are so many exciting distractions… » Last night, some friends of mine and I watched Prayers for Bobby.  It was extremely powerful and moving, even though as an educated LGBT advocate, there was nothing […]

Are you thinking about the same West Wing I’m thinking about?

Since The West Wing is and always will be my favorite television show of all time, I had to feature these two videos. The first, from Slate Magazine, was originally posted on November 4th. And then this is new from this week: Are you thinking what I’m thinking!? Let’s bring back the West Wing and […]

Limited Posting This Week…

Hey dedicated readers, whoever you may be!  My posts will not be as consistent over the next week because I have a crunch of work to do towards graduating this Spring.  So, the time I might normally spend writing here will be spent writing elsewhere. Still, look forward to some posts live from Denver next […]

Ummm…. Can I legally testify?

So, I was enjoying reading about how Obama had to retake the Oath of Office because (Bush-appointed) Roberts flubbed it at the swearing in ceremony, because I was delighted that Obama did not use a Bible this time around. Then, I realized that maybe I can’t legally swear an oath.  An oath requires swearing over […]

Follow-up to “Religious ‘Liberty’”

This afternoon, Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You provided us with some more wise words from Matt Barber and Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr.: Audio: We’ll compare you to anything we want. And if you call us out on it, we’ll compare you to ‘spinners’ (Good As You) Let’s take a look at some of […]