Can of Worms/Pandora’s Box/Just Another ZackFord Day

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Well, today has been interesting.

I am trying to concentrate on the academic writing I need to be doing, but there are so many exciting distractions…

» Last night, some friends of mine and I watched Prayers for Bobby.  It was extremely powerful and moving, even though as an educated LGBT advocate, there was nothing new provided.  I encourage everyone to catch one of the encore performances of it!

» I read on Pam’s blog this morning about a new Facebook group for the American Family Association, one of those super-hateful over-the-top Christian anti-gay organizations.  I joined the group and started a discussion feed where I presented myself as a straight believer with serious questions about homosexuality.  The results have been unsurprising and yet disconcerting.

Some people agreed with my concerns.  I had to apologize to a few who contacted me personally to thank me for my contributions by admitting I’m a gay atheist who is just trying to challenge some ignorant notions with healthy conversations.

Others continue to hurl dogma and blind faith my way, making no room for even considering the experience of LGBT people or reading any research about them.  Even though I know I set myself up for such responses, reading them can still be challenging. Still, it was fun!  I feel like this discussion thread was my “Someone shit on the coats!” moment.  I was there, I caused some internal confusion, and then I just disappeared, like a phantom!  Haha…

Click here to read the full discussion thread.  I’m sure it will continue for some time.  (I can’t believe this organization gets tax-exempt status.)

» In addition to the other work I have been doing, I’ve also been preparing for a discussion I am leading in a class tomorrow about religious privilege.  Discussing these issues is challenging, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to practice reaching out to people and trying to help them understand the perspectives of non-Christians, and more importantly, non-believers.

» The icing on the cake was the visit I got this evening from two strapping young Mormon proselytizers.  I proceeded to lecture them on the inconsistent interpretations of the Bible on a number of issues (such as slavery), and the pain and trauma LGBT people experience because of their condemnations.  They heard me out and even suggested they would look into that.  I doubt it.

My head hurts.  But, it’s worth it because I think I picked up some allies today.  Every voice counts.  Just keep swimming…

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  • Michelle says:

    That’s scary. Very very scary. I am extraordinarily startled that there are people out there that view the world like that. It’s got to be exhausting to live like that.

    Zack, I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate what it is you’re doing. You’re an excellent writer and touch upon a lot that I hold dear. I’d love to hear a little bit about how you started along with the path you’re on.

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