College makes you gay! Is anyone surprised?

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I came out when I was in college so it must be true!

Here’s the article, err, the article about the article: “Woman Claims College ‘Turned’ Her Gay

Basically, this young woman at McGill University (which is in Montreal, so that automatically gives it like 20 bonus gay points) claims that the culture of college makes it hard to “keep your rigid heterosexuality intact.”

It goes on with all the same old nonsense about “how people behave sexually…is largely determined by society and not by nature.”

To that I say post hoc, ergo propter hoc! It is a ridiculous conclusion that completely belies a valid understanding of sexual orientation.  Just because a person, such as a sheltered young woman going to college for the first time, is all of a sudden encouraged to explore her sexuality further does not mean her sexuality changed.

The entire idea is judgmental, because it suggests that one set of behaviors is somehow wrong or misguided or unhealthy.  If poor little Anna Montrose hadn’t been in that scary liberal environment of wild abandon, she might still be perfectly straight!  This should be a lesson to all young women not to watch so much of The L Word!

Could it be that Montrose was never perfectly straight, but she was just never in an environment where she felt she could safely explore her non-straight tendencies?  Is it possible that fully understanding one’s own sexual identity despite the expectations of society is actually… a good thing?  Is it outside the realm of possibility that this whole article takes advantage of a young woman’s naïveté simply to promote artificial scare tactics (aka ignorance through fear) about people who are not heterosexual?

In hindsight, I knew I was gay when I was like 13.  College was just the first time I realized “it’s okay to be me.”  How horrid.

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There are 2 Comments to "College makes you gay! Is anyone surprised?"

  • Allison H-G says:

    I got really hooked on the L-Word 2 summers ago. (Seriously. I watched all 4 seasons in less than a month.) After binging on that world of homosexual fiction, I can say that it made me even less interested in being a lesbian than I had been previously. Which is to say, not all that interested. Sorry to Ms. Montrose if that pokes some holes in her claims. (Although I must say, watching so much of the L-Word DID temporarily make me want to buy a glamorous, fabulously androgynous wardrobe.)

  • KraftyKeri says:

    It’s so sad when people see the world in black & white and have to have everything neatly divided into categories. I hope one day there won’t be labels like “straight” or “gay” and everyone can just be free to be themselves… but that probably won’t happen for a LONG time, if ever.

    (BTW I found your blog from a link on Planet Atheism and am happy to subscribe!)

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