It Begins…

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So, it is time for me to have my own blog.  Again.

For many years throughout high school and some of my undergraduate years, I had a Xanga, and I wrote epic posts about my life.  Unfortunately, I was too open and honest about the people in my life, and some people’s feelings were hurt.  That blog, as far as I know, is lost to the void, assuming Xanga doesn’t archive stuff deep in its database.  Lesson learned: If you are going to blog in a public forum, be sensitive about what you share about others.

More recently, I have taken fierce advantage of the “Post Item” feature on Facebook.  I would post videos and articles I found from the other blogs I read and offer just a comment or two about them.  Often, these were short, sarcastic remarks.  People did not fully understand my intents with some of those posts, and again, feelings were hurt.  Lesson learned: When posting things widely, make sure you appropriately explain your point of view.

And that brings us to now.  I have things to say, thoughts to share.  There are discussions I want to initiate and perspectives I want to offer.  This is the forum to do it!

I need to write to get these things out, because I dwell on them, and honestly, folks, I have not been my normal jolly ZackFord self.  Even as I write this, I can tell it’s pathetically dry, because it is missing the snark spark that usually motivated my commentary.  Hopefully, things get more fun!

I owe some major thanks to Rev. Reed Braden over at Homosecular Gaytheist.  After Proposition 8 passed in California in November, I was seething with frustration, and he welcomed me into his blog as a contributor.  Obviously, as a fellow gay atheist, I appreciated his point of view, but I realized that we have very different expectations for our blogging, so I decided it was my time to trek out on my own.  I’m proud of my posts over there though, and if I get too PC or polite over here at ZFB, I definitely encourage you to check HG out!  Thanks Reed!

Well, that’s it for the first post.  Here are my posts from Homosecular Gaytheist:

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