Trumping Prop 8’s supposed “race card”

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Surely everyone remembers the supposed claim that African-Americans and Latinos voted in higher proportions for Proposition 8 than Whites.  I was so furious when I heard this claim, because to me, it sounded like all the White people trying to avoid any responsibility for passing discrimination.

Well, not only was it a pathetic obfuscation by the White media, it was also just plain wrong.

You can read the full report here: “California’s Proposition 8: What Happened, and What Does the Future Hold?” (PDF)

Here’s the basic premise: people voted for Proposition 8 because of religion.  This confirms my original conclusion from long-ago that religion is the ONLY source of anti-gay views.  I’m not saying that all religious people are anti-gay, but I’m saying that religion is the only source of anti-gay rhetoric.  If anybody can think of a different source of anti-gay views, please let me know, but I have yet to hear an explanation that is not rooted in religious views.

That’s why I wanted to start this blog: to bring light to my point of view that religious views have too much power over our nation.  The rights of LGBT people were stripped by a popular vote that succeeded only because of money spent and ideas spent by institutions of religion.

Below is a pair of charts from the report that pretty much dismantles the whole nonsense about the Black community being to blame for Prop 8 passing.  More on these issues in future posts…

Prop 8 Report Figure 4 Prop 8 Report Figure 5

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There are 2 Comments to "Trumping Prop 8’s supposed “race card”"

  • cbcm says:

    Another source of anti-gay sentiment is a severe adherence to traditional gender roles and overall sexism, which may or may not stem from a person’s religious beliefs. The existence of gay people and gay couples challenges the old-fashioned notions of what it means to be a man or a woman, and the roles of each person in a relationship or marriage. Regardless of religion or lack thereof, some people are just sheltered and and uneducated and ignorant. (What fun for the rest of us!)

  • ZackFord says:

    But still, is there any factor that motivates that tradition moreso than religion? I mean, I agree, but I still feel like the root reason for people being “sheltered and uneducated and ignorant” is that religion works to keep them that way! In the case of same-sex orientation, the church still PROMOTES very ignorant views about what sexual orientation is and how it manifests. I don’t think those notions would persist if the religion wasn’t actively promoting that culture of “my belief trumps your science and personal experience.”

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