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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #2

What the FFFF?  Here are the week’s highlights from the OneNewsNow newsletter. 2/21/2009 – Proposal would lift Arkansas restrictions on atheists How about them apples?  This short news clip is pretty accurate and fair.  There’s nothing to debunk about it.  I never thought I’d be grateful to the Becket Fund’s support (still not sure that […]

MMMMmmm…. Smells like BS! I mean… CLEAN COAL! :-)

Well, unsurprisingly, some sustainability issues are popping up here on ZFB, so I thought I should just go with it.  Enjoy this new Clean Coal PSA:

Atheism at the Oscars

Bill Maher presented the award for Best Documentary at this year’s Oscars.  He spoke very briefly about his own documentary, Religulous, which was not nominated.  Watch the short piece about documentaries and then see what Maher had to say around the 2:51 mark:

This is for you, Harvey!

At Sunday night’s Oscars, Dustin Lance Black (Best Original Screenplay) and Sean Penn (Best Actor in a Leading Role) won for their work with the film Milk.  I found their speeches particularly moving and thought it right to archive them here.  Below them is an interview with Cleve Jones from last night’s Rachel Maddow show. […]

U-Michigan working towards a post-gender society

There was a great article in last week’s Michigan Daily about gender and the way it plays out on the college campus: Seeking a post-gender society (The Michigan Daily) The article focuses on two trans students, and discusses their experiences quite well.  I was slightly dismayed by the implication that all trans people must or […]

The good, the bad, and the ugly… we endure them together.

One of the interesting stories in the news this week was that of Utah state senator Chris Buttars and his radically offensive comments about gays: What is the morals of a gay person?  You can’t answer that because anything goes. Actually, Senator Buttars, you can’t answer that because the question is grammatically incorrect. Anyways, I […]

Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #1

I mentioned last week that one of my readers signed me up to receive updates from OneNewsNow, a joke of a news organization associated with the American Family Association that provides the most conservatively biased accounts of news you can imagine.  Now, you don’t have to. They claim to pull their stories from AP News, […]

Why I Work in LGBT Affairs

It’s simple, really.  I want people to be happy. If you have time, watch yesterday’s episode of Tyra.  Jeremy has the videos laid out nicely over at Good As You (via JMG). Basically, we’re introduced to a lot of gay self-haters.  These are the poor folks that those cruel Ex-Gay Camps try to recruit to […]

“Moral” Judgment vs. Academic Freedom

So, I guess I would say I kind of saw this kind of nonsense coming. I have always been concerned about institutions of higher education who have affiliations so strong with religious organizations that the doctrine dictates the academics.  In my mind, some of them border more on education-affiliated churches than religiously affiliated universities.  Are […]

Expelled – Don’t Bother.

Yeah, I know the movie Expelled came out a while back, but I finally watched it over the weekend. I’m not going to waste my energy writing about it, nor should you waste your time watching it. Two words: Testable Hypothesis?  Oh, there’s nothing to work with because it’s all religiously motivated philosophy that has […]