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Happy Darwin Day! The Fundies are Recruiting!

So, perhaps in the wake of my “analysis” of that Silencing the Christians video, I have been subscribed to the One News Now newsletter!  ONN is this pseudo “news” site that pretty much just jumps at every opportunity to find a piece of news that they can twist to promote their agenda (namely: Christian self-victimization).  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the headlines in the email I got today!


I’m kind of curious what “savior-based economy” means, but not enough to bother reading it.  My favorite, on today of all days, is “Debate of theory is a good thing.”  It just sounds so stupid to see that in a professional publication.  It clearly (and unsurprisingly) represents a complete misunderstanding of science!

In honor of the 200th birthday of one of the greatest contributors to our modern understanding of the world, here is a definition for the word “theory” as used by the science community:

“A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.”

Note: “repeatedly tested” and “widely accepted.”  These are features that distinguish a theory (like gravity, relativity, or even evolution) from hypothesis and conjecture (like “some God we can never define created us and the proof is that we have no proof”).

Happy Darwin Day!  And thanks to whoever involuntarily signed me up for One News Now.  I’m sure it’ll give me lots to write about!

P.S. Also happy birthday to Lincoln (also 200) and the NAACP (100)!

Not so silent, probably not so “Christian” either…

A couple of the other blogs picked this up this week:

Silencing Christians – One-Hour National Special

…Wow.  Oh, and there’s drama to go with it.  Looks like it’s unfit to be aired on TV.

"Percentage of people who need to look up 'oppression' in the dictionary."

"Percentage of people who need to look up 'oppression' in the dictionary."

I think this chart that’s been circulating over on Pam’s sums it up well.

Despite how obnoxiously arrogant even the first minute of the special is, and despite the fact I probably have a whole ton of better things I could be doing with my time, and despite the fact that the stream is pathetically slow and unreliable, I decided today to watch the full special.  I’m keeping this window open as I watch and I’ll share thoughts as I watch.

If nothing else, make sure you take the absurd survey on the site.  They don’t show the results, so they’ll probably skew them to their liking, but it’s good to try.

Anyways, here goes… BLAZE A TRAIL.

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