The Way Justice and NonDiscrimination Are Supposed to Work

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Just a quick little post about a news story a colleague forwarded to me:

Judge Says Colleges’ Bias Policy Does Not Impede Rights of Christian Student Groups” (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Here’s the gist.  The college said they were going to protect gays.  The Christian student group said they were going to discriminate against gays.  The college said, “No.”  The Christian student group said, “How dare you!  We’re suing!”  The judge said, “Tough.”

Pure, simple.  Fairness and justice.

The comments below the article are interesting.  The world of higher education tends to be more liberal-minded, but there are still folks accusing the judge of using “bigotry against Christians.”  My favorite comment was #9:

I may be wrong, but in order for Southworth to apply, all students would have to have access to participate in the group (the definition of public forum). The group chose to exclude a portion of the campus population. The college isn’t disputing the student group’s right to hold their viewpoint, but rather their decision to exclude other students based on viewpoint. Of course, this may be one of those situations where the decision rests on whether there are any supreme court retirements in the next couple of years.

I also encourage you to read #18:

As a defender of diversity and a director of a Black student center, it is my hope that every student on my campus walks through the doors of my office. Get over your conservative fear and visit one of these centers that you seem to know so much about some day and expose yourself to the truth.

Carson in #20 explains the rules and processes quite well, and I particularly enjoyed this line:

The argument that religious groups can turn-away folks based on the first amendment (or any other constitutional amendments) would also mean that racial and gender discrimination would also be permitted….wouldn’t it?

One last excerpted comment: Kirk, #35:

Furthermore, there are many, many gay people who would love to be part of Christian groups.

How sad that Christians today cannot even live up to the low standards of our legal system.

My own comment is #47.

It’s engaging discussion if you have the chance to read through it!

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