History might be made today: The fate of Prop 8

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UPDATE (5 PM CST): Jeremy over at Good As You has audio of all today’s hearings.  Please take a listen if you didn’t get to watch earlier today!

Well, today is going to be an intense day.  The California State Supreme Court will respond to the challenges of Proposition 8.  Will Ken Starr force 18,000 marriages to be nullified?  I sure hope not.

I won’t be blogging beyond this post today because I’ll be watching the arguments online at http://www.calchannel.com/, which began at 9:00 AM PST.

Here, though, are a bunch of videos (with hat tips to the amazing blogging going on over at Towleroad!) from yesterday’s Eve of Justice events across California.

Here is San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders announcing the engagement of his lesbian daughter:

Here is historic gay rights activist Cleve Jones speaking:

I found his words to be quite powerful and wanted to excerpt some of them here as well:

This summer is the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City that launched the modern Gay Liberation Movement.  We have been marching, and fighting, and struggling for 40 years!  We will not wait 40 more!

We will use every tactic available to us short of violence to achieve that goal!  And those of you who are younger than me, I want you to go home tonight when we’re done marching, and I want you to go online and I want you to study the history of nonviolence direct action and civil disobedience, because if you think you’re going to get your freedom by clicking a mouse or going to some black-tie dinner or marching in the streets, you are wrong!  It’s take a lot more than that!

And it will require every one of you to put your bodies on the line.  No people in history have ever achieved their rights without a struggle.  This will not be granted to you easily, and you must be prepared to fight with every strength you can muster!

So true.  What an amazingly powerful leader.

And here is a video of 11-year-old Sam, an amazingly strong young advocate:

If you’re around central Iowa and are looking to help support marriage equality, the amazing men I have the privilege of advising are helping organize a local White Knot effort.  Wherever we are in the world, these issues affect our lives, and we must stand strong as one community for the respect we deserve!!

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