The U.N. apparently supports the “Respect” meme.

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I missed seeing this story, but apparently in March, the United Nations passed a resolution condemning “defamation of religion” as a human rights violation.

Does that mean that my challenges to religion in this blog are a human rights violation?  I’m pretty sure I’m still protected by the United States Constitution, but it’s still quite the infringement on individual freedoms.  It is not a precedent I’m a fan of.

Given that the resolution blatantly reinforces the Respect meme, it seems to be regressive.  Maybe the resolution will never be mentioned again, but it seems like a sad sign for human rights and understanding.  What are your thoughts?

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There are 3 Comments to "The U.N. apparently supports the “Respect” meme."

  • Marc Malone says:

    I think this is where we walk a very fine and unfortunate line between religious freedom and freedom not to believe. Everyone has the right to free speech as well as freedom of religion but I am not so sure we are guaranteed the freedom to claim religion as a human right. It is indeed a human right in that we can all choose or feel compelled to support or not support a religious view but is it a human right to call foul when our religious views are crossed? Probably not. We can certainly call foul when our tax-supported government makes claims for or against religion–that is, after all, a bit constitutionally “illegal”–but other than that it becomes a freedom of speech issue.

  • DV82XL says:

    In as much as it is non-binding it won’t have much of an impact at this point, although now that it is established its sponsors are going to keep pushing.

    Of course the resolution has nothing to do with respect as much as it was first designed to head off any actions the U.N. Human Rights Commission might take against the harsh blasphemy laws in some Islamic nations, and second as a tool to advance the Islamic cause in Western nations by effectively silencing the press there.

    Fortunately this resolution was watered down considerably from the Durban II version, but for sure it is going to be an incubus for more pushing on this mater by the World’s theocracies.

  • Will says:

    It’s a disgrace, pure and simple. It’s PEOPLE who have rights, not religions.

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