Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #7

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So I’ve decided to continue my Farce File feature.  Yes, fundamentalist news sites like One News Now are easy targets of critique, but they still need to be sites of critique.  In a society where such rhetoric dominates the culture, somebody needs to be taking the time to stand up and say, “No, you’re wrong.  No more Mr. Nice Liberal.”  Not all viewpoints deserve equal respect.


blog-bullet 5/30/09 – There was no Daily News Brief for Saturday.  I don’t know why.  There was this though…

blog-bullet BONUS  – Israel, a Journey Through Time

I don’t quite know about this one.  It’s a 6-DVD set about the history of Judaism.  Pat Boone calls it a “graduate course” in what Christianity has been “grafted into.”  So why would this be so heavily pushed to an evangelical Christian population…

Unit 1 covers everything from Abraham (the first Jew) to Jesus (all 2000 years!).  Of course, it highlights the “divine plans and purposes… of a coming Messiah figure.”  Is this video designed as a “told ya so” to Jews?

Unit 2 is just about Jesus, the “Jew who divided history.”  How do we explain his influence over the past 2000 years?  (They know.)  Unit 3 is about the history of anti-Semitism and why they have been so persecuted in Christian nations.  Oddly, it sounds like a fair description.  Unit 4 continues by tracing the reunification of the Jewish people, suggesting Israel is a Garden of Eden, a fulfillment of ancient prophesies.  Unit 5: how has Israel survived and thrived?  Unit 6 raps things up by demonstrating how Israel and Jerusalem fit into the Armageddon scenario and the “prophetic continuum from Abraham to Armageddon.”

I don’t get it.  Why is this being pushed to the fundamentalist community by Don Wildmon personally?  Why does it take 6 DVDs for something that’s only four and a half hours long?

The answer is in the trailer: This film is a fear-mongering anti-Muslim propaganda video.  There’s all this lovey dovey, sympathy-evoking stuff about the connection between Jews and Christians and then look at who is endangering the fulfillment of prophesy.  I’ll give AFA credit: they definitely are creative.  They will do whatever they can think of to control their followers with fear and make money off of it.

blog-bullet 5/31/09 – Abortionist Tiller shot, killed during church service AND Abortion foes fear backlash to Tiller’s slaying

“Abortionist” – n. One whose work ensures women still have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Unsurprisingly, the article about his death features all the things anti-choicers hated about him.  It’s not an obituary; it’s a roast.  Nothing more really need be said about it.

As for the other article, it’s the VICTIM meme!  He hadn’t been dead five hours, and the fundamentalists were already crying self-pity!

Said the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a pro-life activist: “No one should use this tragedy for political gain.”

Too bad that’s exactly what you’re doing!  And you know it.  You care more about overturning Roe v. Wade than recognizing that the beliefs you promote led to this man’s death!  How wicked.

blog-bullet 6/1/09 – GLSEN founder overseeing safety of nation’s schools?

Wow.  This is incredibly offensive:

A conservative activist says the appointment of the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network to head the U.S. Education Department’s Office of Safe Schools is the equivalent of putting O.J. Simpson in charge of women’s safety.

For those of you unfamiliar, GLSEN is an amazing national organization that works towards support LGBT students in K-12 schools.  They help students know their rights, they work against bullying, they help Gay-Straight Alliances form, and they also work with teachers around these issues.  (One Teacher in 10 was an amazing resource for me as an aspiring gay educator.)  In other words, GLSEN is an organization that has had a primary goal of school safety and has been incredibly successful at achieving that goal thanks to the leadership of Keving Jennings, so he is the perfect person for such an office.

But Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, says the Jennings appointment is a radical move. GLSEN, she explains, is a “child corruption” organization that consistently promotes books on its website that legitimize sexual encounters between adults and minors.

Remember, these are the crazy fundamentalists who see any form of sex as evil (even though many of them are secretly addicted).

You help young people be safe by educating them about everything, including all the things they are capable of doing so they understand why they shouldn’t.  That’s what effective sex education is.  Sex isn’t bad, and I think it’s so unfortunate the way these fundamentalists continue to demonize having a better understanding of our own human bodies.

Kevin Jennings is an amazing leader, and I hope he has a lot of success making schools safer.  Knowledge is invaluable; the only ones who’d oppose it are those afraid knowledge will limit their control over others using beliefs.

blog-bullet 6/2/09 – Obama declares June ‘LGBT Pride Month’

Uh-oh.  They’re still pissed that National Day of Prayer (which is clearly a violation of the separation of church and state) didn’t get much attention, but recognizing an oppressed minority’s struggle towards equality is getting a whole month!  (It seems PZ Myers was successful at skewing another poll.  Too funny!)

Surprisingly, the first half of the article is pretty objective, excepting of course the quotes around “hate crimes.”  But when you scroll down and see that lunatic, Peter LaBarbera’s picture, you know things are about to get interesting.  Let’s see how…

“Homosexuality is nothing to be proud of — bottom line,” says LaBarbera. “The fact is people have left the lifestyle, people have overcome homosexuality [with God’s help] — I think that’s something to be proud of….”

Yes, Peter, they’ve payed anti-psychologists like you thousands of dollars to destroy their psyche without actually changing their orientation, merely their ability to be happy with themselves.

“This proclamation talks about the entire radical homosexual agenda that Obama supports — including homosexualizing the U.S. military [and] federal so-called ‘rights’ based on homosexuality, which will impinge on the religious freedoms and freedom of conscience of other Americans.”

Homosexualizing? (What up, Waymon?) I hate this victim meme crap.  No one’s freedom of religion is on the line, only their freedom of oppression.

Click here to read the full text of Obama’s proclamation!

blog-bullet 6/3/09 – Increased taxation = economic stagnation

This whole article is conjecture by a professor at Hillsdale College (a “citadel of conservatism” where students can’t get federal financial aid because the university won’t execute an Assurance of Compliance with Title IX’s nondiscrimination provisions).

Again, this article uses fear to pull its base closer.  Universal healthcare is bad.  Taxes are bad.  Supporting the environment is bad.  Democrats are bad.  It all fits!

There’s nothing worth quoting, but I needed to shine a little light on the blatant demonization that takes place in the absence of facts.  (This is unsurprising coming from such a religious organization.)

blog-bullet 6/4/09 – Nebraska passes strong pro-life ultrasound law

This is absolute crap.  Nebraska passed a law requiring that a patient be shown the ultrasound screen, “although she can decline to view it.”  The crap, of course, is in the title: the “Mothers’ Right to See Her Unborn Child Ultrasound” bill.  Besides being grammatically incorrect, the title suggests that they didn’t have the right before.  They always could if they asked.  Now, they will be forced to look, making a hard decision even more painful, just to appease the pro-lifers.

And the language gets even more unsympathetic toward the women.  Here’s Julie Schmit-Albin, executive director of Nebraska Right to Life:

“The abortion industry has a vested interest in selling abortion and insuring that abortion is completed,” she contends. “So we do not view this as an interruption of the doctor-patient relationship, but rather a guarantee that the woman will have true, informed consent.” She also suggests the bill will influence what she calls “the assembly-line nature” of how abortions are performed.

Abortion industry.  Assembly-line.

These fundamentalists seem to have no regard for women or their bodies.  They are only considered with reveling in their righteousness.  Why do we let these people affect the way our country is run?  They don’t have people in mind, only their self-aggrandizing fundamentalist egos.

blog-bullet 6/5/09 – Media slanted in reporting high-profile shootings

Today’s Daily News Brief came, but it came late.

This article is about self-victimization AND fear-mongering at the same time!  The best part is that they include the contradictions right in the article.  Here’s what happened:

Muslim convert Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad has been accused of shooting two uniformed soldiers on Monday outside a military recruiting center in west Little Rock, Arkansas, killing one and wounding the other. Authorities said he acted “with political and religious motives” — and numerous media outlets described him as a “lone shooter.”

And here’s the whining, courtesy of Colleen Raezler, a research assistant at the Culture and Media Institute of the Media Research Center:

“They were saying that [Tiller’s killer] was a person who was linked to pro-life organizations and things like that — and there’s no such consideration for the person who did those shootings in Arkansas,” Raezler notes.

So, both cases acknowledge that there was a single shooter, and both cases acknowledge religious motivations.  The distinctions the fundamentalists are trying to make don’t exist.  The distinction I see is the difference between a domestic assault and an international military attack.  I can’t imagine why the issues behind those two might be slightly different.

Stop pretending you care about saving lives, evangelicals.  You only care about saving converts and recruits.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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