Moving ahead with the job search process

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A few months ago, I wrote about how I would be starting the job search and pondering to what extent I wanted to market my blog to prospective employers.  Up until this point, I did not mention it on my résumé and only mentioned it in passing during interviews (without offering a URL).  I have heard many people suggest that one shouldn’t come out during an interview.  I’m not sure I agree, but I do think about how conspicuous I am about my identity as gay, atheist, and blogger.  I’m so open and comfortable with my identities that I don’t hesitate to bring them up if they are relevant or help me answer the questions.

I have done some more thinking about this and realized how foolish it is to not feature my blog. For one, it is a great display of my writing, journalistic, and to a certain extent even research abilities.  It also shows that I am tech savvy.  I have my own blog with my own self-designed logos.  I’m active on Twitter and other social networking sites.  And ultimately, I have no shame about anything written here.  Sometimes it’s quite candid and pointed, but if anything, I would hope a prospective employer would appreciate my engagement with such challenging issues.

I think it would be a concern for me if an employer had trouble respecting my decision to keep a private blog, so I might as well be quite open about it.  It is certainly an accomplishment of which I am quite proud.

To accommodate this change, I am creating a special archive about my writings related to higher education and student development to help colleagues and employers easily see my writings related to the field.  I will also now include it on my résumé and mention it in cover letters if it is relevant.

I think this blog helps me shine as a professional and I’m excited to share it more openly as I continue my job search this summer and in the future.

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There are 2 Comments to "Moving ahead with the job search process"

  • Megan says:

    It’s probably best to get it out of the way early. You don’t want to work for a psycho who’s against blogging, anyway.

  • Mark Holsing says:

    Its not so much blogging as it is what is posted. You should be you in an interview but there is such a thing as disclosing TOO much information to prospective employers especially in the education field. Many employers don’t want overly politically active employees because they don’t want someone who is going to attempt to sway students to their political belief’s. I think if you were an overly religious, republican blogger it wouldn’t be wise to disclose that information. They also are looking for someone who will exemplify the ideas of the University. You may or may not line up with them but they aren’t looking for people who are too far left or right. I wouldn’t hide the blog but I wouldn’t bring attention to it during the interview. Wait until they hire you and then if they don’t like what you have posted on your blog you can sue their ass for discrimination. 🙂

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