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Faculty Responsible for Campus Climate, Too! (NYU School of Law)

What can faculty learn about their own impact by the episode of Li-ann Thio’s invitation to teach at the NYU School of Law?

Outaversary: 5 Years Since I Let Myself Be Me

A reflection on five years of freedom from the closet.

Pat Buchanon: The Epitome of Racism in Our Country

Pat Buchanon candidly reminds us just how strong racism is on our country.

Atheists’ Lawsuit Prompts AFA’s Honesty

The AFA actually bothers to include the very facts being used against their cause! Fancy that!

Academic Freedom: Anti-gay Opinions vs. Anti-gay Untruths

Is academic freedom designed to protect views or protect the right to challenge views… or both?

Brüno: It Takes Silly Absurdities to Reveal Harsh Realities

I’ll start by saying this: I liked it. In fact, I actually felt I left the theatre with a positive message. Brüno is filthy, offensive, and absurd, but it actually has a decent point to make.

Obama, wishy-washy pandering makes me feel better… how?

Obama’s going to see the Pope.  I don’t know what expectations the administration has for the visit, but it seems to me to be more symbolic than anything. In an interview prior to his departure, Obama had this to say: For the gay and lesbian community in this country, I think it’s clear that they […]