Pat Buchanon: The Epitome of Racism in Our Country

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It has occurred to me that, with a lot of issues, that I might have a tendency to repeat myself.  That’s why for today, I’m going to refer to past posts before I share this awe-inspiring video.

Here is a post I made in March about Affirmative Action: Misunderstanding Affirmative Action

Here is a post I made last month about the accusations of racism about Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor: Sorry white men (and Ann Coulter), Sotomayor is not a racist.  You are.

Read those first.  Then watch this ridiculous video.  I am so impressed by Rachel Maddow as she interviews Pat Buchanon in this clip:

(UPDATE: In Rachel’s broadcast on the following Monday, she responded to this discussion. That clip is at the bottom of this post.)

Here are a few excerpts:

Well, I think I would vote no on Sonia Sotomayor the same way I would’ve voted no on Harriet Miers and I said so the first day she was nominated. I don’t think Judge Sotomayor is qualified for the United States Supreme Court. She has not shown any great intellect here or any great depth of knowledge of the Constitution. She’s never written anything that I’ve read in terms of a law review article or a major book or something like that on the law. And I do believe she’s an affirmative action appointment by the President of the United States. He eliminated everyone but four women and then he picked the Hispanic, so I think this is an affirmative action appointment and I would vote no.

Affirmative action is to increase diversity by discriminating against white males.

Affirmative action is basically reverse discrimination against white males, and it’s as wrong as discrimination against black females and Hispanics and others, and that’s why I oppose it.

Like there’s any other kind of reverse discrimination, Pat?  I think you get the idea.  You have to love that reverse discrimination meme. (It’s pretty much a joke to anyone who knows anything about social justice.)  White men never get tired of using it.  The only other group of people you hear use it are white women who forget that they’re women and had to work twice as hard to get where they are.  Or Ann Coulter.

Actually, let’s get a few more of these quotes.  I think when you look at them in isolation, the racism just shines right through.  What else do you have to say, Pat, ol’ buddy?

Well, I think white men were 100% of the people that [sic] wrote the Constitution, 100% of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence, 100% of the people who died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, probably close to 100% of the people who died at Normandy. This has been a country built, basically, by white folks in this country who were 90% of the entire nation in 1960 when I was growing up, Rachel, and the other 10% were African Americans who had been discriminated against. That’s why.

Wow, Pat, no sense of entitlement there.  Who references Vicksburg?

Just a friendly reminder as you watch the rest of the clip: Affirmative action only promotes minority candidates who are qualified.  When Pat suggests that Sotomayor only got into Princeton because of affirmative action, she had to prove she was qualified to get into Princeton before she could be admitted.  If she got in and a white man with higher scores did not, it doesn’t mean she was not as qualified.  Admissions set a bar and choose from among all the candidates who are qualified, and only after that distinction is made does affirmative action weigh in.

Want some more?

I believe everybody should get a chance to excel and be on the United States Supreme Court, but if I look at the U.S. track team in the Olympics, and they’re all black folks [watch Rachel flinch], I don’t automatically assume it’s discrimination. I will say, I think maybe those are the fastest guys we got…

See how ignorant you are to privilege, Pat?  You assume that everybody has a level playing field.  You assume that everybody has the same “chance to excel.”  That’s not what the case is in our country.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  By the way, Pat, do you support eugenics?  If you still think black people should only do athletics, it makes me wonder…

If you say, “Be the best we can be,” we’re not being the best we can be with Sonia Sotomayor, and I think you know it.

You know what I think they oughta do? They oughta defend the legitimate rights of white working-class folks who are the victims of discrimination, because that’s the right thing to do, and because it’s the politically right thing to do.


I hope, my dear readers, this has been an informative exercise at how palpable racism still is in our society.  Pat, unfortunately, speaks for many.

UPDATE (7/21/09): Rachel responded, herself, to the claims Pat made:

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There are 4 Comments to "Pat Buchanon: The Epitome of Racism in Our Country"

  • William says:

    Pat’s attitude reflects many of the white friends I have that think they do not have racist or devisive attitudes. Many of them speak about things they never even know about, they talk about about blacks, and the inner city, saying “those people” are lazy since they recieve welfare, and when asked when was the last time they researched the facts or went to the inner city to understand “those People”….they become defensive.

    Many whites simply want things to stay the same where a predominant majority of the wealthy and privalidged are white, and a few are minorities so that they can say “see they made it”, or they want to give charity and think that blacks should be estatic that a they where able to get a charity, when the playing field is and has always been so stacked against a average black person, that many of them need charity just to eat. Whites want to give charity, but not set up equal schooling, or increase taxes on the haves a couple of percentage points to ensure that the have nots, mostly because of a system set in place that keeps minorities broke, can get a better option.

  • William says:

    Pat is simply a racist joke..

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  • antropologa says:

    It’s so upsetting that people still don’t understand about the continuing effects of our history of racism.

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