Christians Ignoring Science: That’s the Joke!

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Literally moments after I finished publishing my entry on the APA report, I found a link to a OneNewsNow article with the following title:

APA ‘ignoring the science’ on homosexual reparative therapy

And the expert is a Christian attorney. Apparently he knows more about psychological research than the APA. Impart your wise words, Mat Staver:

“When it declassified homosexuality in the 1970s, it did it against the background of a lot of science that continued to classify it as a mental disorder. It also ignored over 120 years of research, which by the way has recently been published showing that individuals who are same-sex attracted can change,” he notes.

“Consequently, the APA’s position that you’re born with it and that it would be detrimental to counsel someone to change or leave behind their same-sex attractions is simply ignoring the science.”

120 years of research? The APA report showed that most of the recent research on the topic wasn’t valid or up to methodological standards. I’m sure all that old stuff is good and bias-free.

Apparently, it was the APA task force that was biased. David Pruden, a spokesperson for the faux-science organization NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) claims that the whole committe “were very openly gay and gay activists.” Even if that is true, I don’t think it changes the fact that most of the research was inadmissable and/or inconclusive!

“The suggestion was as a Christian, when your conscience comes in conflict with what’s going on in your life — temptations, attractions, concerns, whatever they happen to be — that what you simply do is jettison your standards so that it becomes easier to live with your temptations.”

There is “the other side” for you.

So here’s a question to ponder. Which is more important: keeping the faith or finding cohesion in your identity?

Here’s another. Is there only one strict set of beliefs that defines a Christian? And where is that established? Who established it? Who enforces it?

It’s sad to see that maintaining power is more important to some Christians than supporting their fellow believers. Certainly, my post from earlier this week indicates that this is true. And this story shows they will twist information any way they can to continue that control over their followers. Seriously, I find that frightening, and the fact that we don’t call it out for what it is (intellectual tyranny) and just let it continue disturbs me greatly.

If you haven’t already, please read my previous post about the results of the APA study on reparative therapy. Reparative therapy is unfounded and dangerous, and that’s the bottom line.

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