Why I Love Tim Minchin (And You Should Too)

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Why do I love Tim Minchin? Oh let me count the ways!

He is a brilliant comic. He is a tremendous pianist. He is an outspoken atheist. AND he is all three of those things at the same time!  There is more commentary about his nonbelief towards the bottom of the post, but let’s take a listen to a few of his original tunes!

Here’s a little ditty called Peace Anthem for Palestine:

Now that was just a warm-up. It certainly doesn’t show off his willingness to actually make fun of religion. Maybe you should take a listen to his Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins:

I don’t think anything illustrates his true literary brilliance (and skepticism!) as his beat poem called Storm where he literarily eviscerates a believer. I love how he doesn’t hesitate to express the intense frustration atheists often have talking to people who believe… well, anything. I never tire of dedicating ten minutes to listening to this, and trust me, the text helps seal the deal! Take some time to enjoy Storm:

Of course, he has plenty of numbers that have nothing to do with religion. This is an atheist blog, so I was doing some picking and choosing. Like a good atheist, Tim Minchin also picks and chooses causes that he wishes to support. Here is Tim at a breast cancer benefit performing a hilarious song called Inflatable You:

And he also knows it’s important to promote sustainability! This is actually one of my favorite Tim Minchin songs. It gets stuck in my head on a pretty regular basis, probably because I think I take the message so much to heart. Plus I just love gratuitously big musical numbers. Here is his recycling anthem Canvas Bags:

It’s worth noting that his stand-up without music is quite funny too. Here is a bit about evolution with an astounding mindfuck of a conclusion that always makes me laugh. The clip ends with a song called If You Open Your Mind Too Much, Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife!):

So, hopefully that is enough evidence that this man is brilliant.

There are a lot more clips of his comedy and songs on YouTube and I encourage you to seek them out, but that is enough clips for this post.

Outside of his act, Tim speaks openly about his penchant for science and logic and his criticisms of religion. Here’s a recent radio interview he did about atheism in his comedy and religiosity in America:

The whole interview is worth listening to (he talks about how silly it is that religions condemn gays, among other things), but here is a little bit of an excerpt that resonated a lot with me:

Host: …It ups the ante. You know, you’re playing for more. You’re not just making fun of stuff, you’re playing for change.

Tim: And potentially not just preaching to the choir, which is another big conversation: the issue of what is the goal of bloggers and writers and comedians and artists and novelists and movie-makers who have a nonreligious world view? You know, how do you make it swallowable for people who have a religious worldview or are on the fence?

I don’t know if you always have to compromise, cuz I think what matters is being realistic about where you sit. You know, your new prez, right? I don’t believe he’s a very religious person. His job is to be extremely careful, to tow the line, to talk about God because it’s what American expect, and yet, even in his inauguration he said “nonbelievers,” which I’ve never heard from an American leader, ever…

Tim Minchin has several albums and DVDs out, though they have to be imported. Check out Tim Minchin’s official website for more information.


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