Adopt a Conservative’s Time To Waste!

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There are times when you read something so absurd you literally laugh out loud (lllol). When I read about the Liberty Counsel’s new “Adopt a Liberal (TM)” program, that was just the reaction I had (Hat Tip: Jeremy Hooper).

I’ll give you the basic gist of the program, and then I’ll tell you the amazing idea proposed by the title of this post.


Okay, so here’s how it works:

Pick one or more of the liberals from the list we have posted online at, or choose your own liberal(s) to adopt. If you are led to choose one or more of the liberals we have selected for consideration, please read their brief biographical statement, including the reasons they stand in need of prayer.

Pray earnestly and intensely for them! Pray that the Lord would move upon them and cause them to be the kind of leaders who will encourage others to lead “a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” We encourage you to seek the Lord’s guidance on how to pray for your liberal(s), always allowing Him to temper your prayer with His love and mercy.

Please pray daily for the liberal(s) of your choice, so each can become a good influence on our Nation’s culture. Prayer is powerful! It allows God to change the minds of those for whom we are praying. In fact, we fully expect that many of our adoptees will “graduate” from this prayer program with vivid testimonies of God having changed their lives and worldviews!

Of course it will work!

But it will have the complete opposite effect.

See, I think maybe we’ve been going about resisting fundamentalism all the wrong way. Generally, we see delusional ideas motivating people to make detrimental decisions, and we oppose them with the logic and reason that guides our thinking. In our heads, that makes sense. We should promote rationality with rationality.


But that motivates them to respond and be more proactive in pursuing their ignorant beliefs more fervently than ever before!

The Adopt a Liberal program got me thinking though… if their own leaders can convince them to waste all that time praying, maybe we can too.

Maybe we should all ask them to pray for us. Pray really hard! We’re godless! We’re gay! We’re heathens! We’re evil socialists! We’re destroying the fabric of society! We need all the prayer we can get! Daily is not enough. Take a cue from the Muslims and how much time they dedicate to prayer. We’ll never see the light of God if you don’t pray more for us! We’ll pray too! (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

If we get them to waste all their time praying and we even lead them on to think that it’s working a little, they’ll have less time to dismantle public school curricula, attack the president with ignorant racist propaganda, or campaign against same-sex marriage and abortion. We need to get them to pray so much that they don’t even have any free time, and then they won’t be out and about in the way of our socialist/indoctrination social justice/critical thinking agenda .

So, Adopt a Conservative (or more!). Tell them everything they want to hear. Repent (like Cassandra in Saved!) and tell them you need all the help they have to offer so they’ll spend all their time trying to save you. Then go do something radically liberal (like attend your cousin’s same-sex wedding or something) and come crying to them afterward. Tell them you need them to redouble their efforts! I bet there is no limit to how long you can keep baiting them while we change the face of our nation without them even realizing it!

Go out and adopt your conservative now!


I don’t like taking advantage of people’s compassion. I’m not that cruel. Besides, that’s exactly what I criticized in the previous post about the Muslim prayer event. But seriously, I do really think it’s funny that people will pray for people they’ve never met and steadfastly believe they’re making a difference. What a joke. Good luck, Liberty Counsel!

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There are 2 Comments to "Adopt a Conservative’s Time To Waste!"

  • mikespeir says:

    Like you, I do with Christians would spend more time praying.

  • Buffy says:

    Meh, go for it and don’t feel guilty. If they’re involved with the Liberty Counsel their efforts have nothing to do with compassion. Let them waste their time praying for liberals. It will keep them from doing things to actually meddle in the lives of others.

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