Anti-Gay Mainers Ready to Intimidate State With Church

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Hands Around Maine is ready to take a religious stand and pray for their leaders to do (what they think is) the right thing:

As you know, in Romans we are told that the civil magistrate is a minister of God and is to be a minister of justice and a terror to evildoers. We have allowed the election of leaders who have instead passed laws which fly in the face of God’s Law and supports evildoers.

That whole business about the state not establishing a religion doesn’t mean the religious can’t impose upon the state, right? Among their targets are two big civic centers, the State Capitol Building, and other locations around the state.

It’s probably not just a coincidence that this big prayer event comes just two days before the election that will determine the fate of marriage equality in Maine. HAM (an acronym of my choosing) made a point to explain what’s really at stake here:

Our problem is not gay rights, gay marriage or abortion. These things are consequences of our own “wicked ways”. We have abandoned our nation by not working to ensure the civil government has rightwous [sic] laws. As we’ve abdicated, evil has come to fill the void. God’s people is reaping now what we’ve sown over the past fifty years.

I think all religious beliefs represent some degree of delusion, but these folks really take the cake. The above paragraph suggests to me that they believe that if we all had not been so “wicked,” there wouldn’t even be complaining gays or women getting abortions. How am I supposed to feel about that? My very existence is other people’s punishment. Well don’t I feel loved!

Here’s the plan:

Christians across the State are asked to come together and pray for the state of Maine. This is a statewide prayer meeting that will take place during the final hour of daylight on this Lord’s day, Sunday, November 1, 2009. We will pray from 3:31 PM to 4:31 PM.

If you’d like together with other believers, we will be meeting to join hands to encircle all physical representations of the civil magistrate, including the major civic centers, city and town halls, and courthouses across the state.

Unfortunately, the sample prayer has not yet been composed. How can we start practicing the hateful drivel we’ll worthlessly shout to the sky on Sunday if it hasn’t been written for us yet?

Well, in the meantime, see if you can help with the No on 1 Campaign. Instead of wasting your time praying you could be making a real difference in people’s lives.

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