Counting Down to the National Equality March

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Well, even though I poked fun a little at the National Equality March a little while back, it seems the event is coming together quite well and has garnered a lot of national support and attention. That being said, I am proud to share that I will in fact be in attendance! I plan on bringing my camera and blogger’s notebook and reporting back the scenes and stories of the march. (Video reporting isn’t so much my thing, but I hope to collect some kick-ass narratives from the people I meet there!)

The march is a week away and I am very excited. For too long, we have tolerated our governmental leaders dillydallying around with our equality. We don’t want special rights; we don’t want extra rights; we just want to be able to live our lives with the same freedom and protection of everyone else. We don’t need to study Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell anymore. We don’t need to talk about bathrooms before we can pass an inclusive ENDA. We don’t have to pander to religious dogma to attain full marriage equality on state and national issues. I think this whole movement has been a little too polite, and I hope that the march next weekend demonstrates that we will no longer take “We’ll get there eventually” as an answer.

One of the things I am most looking forward to is meeting lots of new people. If any of the readers of my blog will be there, let me know! Feel free to send me a direct message on twitter throughout the weekend. (I’m sure there will be hashtags to follow too, but I’m not quite the junkie that I’ll be doing that.) Given that this blog has just embarked on a new journey, I am really hoping to connect with a lot of people. This might seem hokey or pretentious, but I think I’m going to make some ZFB business cards that I can share with people (at least people who I interview and photograph!).

I’ve also offered to volunteer with the march this weekend. They need a lot of help with set-up, security, cleanup, and other tasks. If you have some time to give, please check out their volunteer page and see if you can help make the march a success! Here is a list of the help they need and here is the volunteer sign-up form.

I’m keeping most of the weekend open and spending some time with my fraternity sister, who is also performing in the Capitol Pride Symphonic Band Saturday night! (Sorry fellow volunteers, I won’t be at the mixer.) The concert is called Different Drummers: Music of Hope and Equality. Just thinking about that title gives me chills!

So at any rate, get to DC next weekend if you can, and drop me a line if you want to meet up! I think it’s going to be a momentous occasion!

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