Faces For Equality: Jaquelline Robertson (aka “Lexi Divine”)

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Faces For Equality

Name: Jaquelline Robertson (aka “Lexi Divine”)
Age: 51
Hometown: Burlington, VT
Occupation: Master’s Student in Psychology and Counseling (Queer Studies Focus) at Goddard College/”Fairy God Mother”/”Dominatrix on the Side”
Why I Found Her at The NEM:

Let me just take a moment to say that this woman is fabulous. I mean, take a look at that picture; she posed for it. Jaquelline was an utter delight to talk to and I think her sassy attitude and strength of character epitomizes the bold yet positive message of the March and perhaps the movement itself.

That being said, Jaquelline is serious about the difference she wants to make. As a trans woman, she knows first hand how desperately we are in need of trans equality in our nation. From her perspective, she doesn’t think trans issues have been taken seriously at all, pointing out that the trans community are the “last people it’s PC to make fun of.” That’s why she’s gone back to school for psychology and counseling. She wants to try to provide the support that is lacking for young trans folks across the country.

Likewise, she was marching for multiple reasons. Yes, she wants to stand up for equality, but she also wants to be a role model for younger trans women. She points out that trans men and trans women are subject to the same gender expectations as cis men and cis women. By transitioning, trans men can actually benefit from male privilege, but trans women often lose a lot of the privilege they had when they still presented as men. Jaquelline hopes other trans women can find the strength to stand up for themselves and resist the oppression that persists.

She told me the March is also a “mental health day” for her. I agreed that many do not understand or appreciate how it feels on those occasions when we stand together as a queer community and truly embrace one another for who we are. Jaquelline certainly was not hesitating to be herself, to everyone’s delight. It was also her birthday—51 means she would officially qualify to be a “Cherokee Elder”—so she was intent on having a fabulous day!

What She’d Change in America:

For Jaquelline, fairness in employment and housing needs to be addressed. In her words, “we should all be able to live comfortably.” Certainly, something’s not right if we can’t.

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