Hope College Prefers Moral Ignorance Over Cognitive Dissonance

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Dustin Lance Black - Credit Tom Keller - Jan 2009Sometimes I wonder if Christian-affiliated universities just sit around planning really stupid and offensive decisions just so I can write about them. This just in from The Holland Sentinel:

An Academy Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter has been barred from a Hope College campus discussion on sexuality because he is an advocate for gay rights.

Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar in February for his screenplay for the 2008 film “Milk,” is in West Michigan to direct “What’s Wrong With Virginia.”

You see, we here at Hope College know what’s best, because it says so right here in The Bible. We’re not even going to let people who disagree with us on campus because there’s just no point in hearing other points of view. We wouldn’t want those homosexuals thinking we give a damn about them.

Sorry, sometimes sarcasm gets the best of me.

So what line do they use to try to play it off without sounding totally closed-minded? It would be too divisive. It wouldn’t actually lead to new understandings. Well, the latter is what we know they want, so they didn’t sugarcoat that very well, now did they?

“We had tried to do that in the late ’90s, with little success,” [Dean of Students Richard Frost] said. “Students and faculty on either side of the campus felt extremely hurt and marginalized.”

“We are willing to do these things, but for the college to do this, we have to be sure it’s educational,”  he said. “It’s back-and-forth and educational. It’s not advocacy.”

They’re calling us bigots for our religious beliefs. I came to this campus just so I could only ever talk to people who agree with my discriminatory beliefs! I don’t like when people make me think about things in ways that are hard for me to understand! Whaaaaaa!

Whoops, there’s that sarcasm again. Although, sometimes when I go into the sarcastic voice, it actually sounds a lot like what some people probably actually think. That always worries me a bit.

Hope students originally requested a showing of “Milk” along with a panel discussion, which was not approved by the college. Subsequently, several college administrators, faculty and students met to discuss the two separate events — the class visit to discuss screenwriting, and the screening and discussion of the film — and the decision was made to go ahead with the invitation for the class visit.

“It wasn’t a unanimous decision,” Klooster said. “But it was a reasonable discussion, and I was glad that all sides had a chance to state their positions.”

You see, we had this opportunity to bring this award-winning professional in to teach our students, but he’s gay, so we didn’t like that very much. Plus, we’re not fond of mainstream movies or any of that Hollywood business. It corrupts our good Christian values that we maintain by carefully insulating our community.

If I were a Hope College screenwriting student, I’d start to question the value of my degree. There’s an opportunity for an award-winning screenwriter to come talk to my class, and not all the top administrators think it’s a good idea for him to speak or for his movie to be shown. What?

That actually sounds pretty similar to what a student actually said:

Hope College freshman Daisy Hernandez said the students are ready for a conversation on gay rights.

“The very idea that the guy is an intelligent individual and he’s willing to talk about it — that shows we are ready for it,” she said. “We’re lucky to have someone with that much talent here.”

I wonder if they had to ask a freshman because she hadn’t yet been sucked into the culture enough to see what a dastardly society-destroying menace Dustin Lance Black is.

Here’s a reminder of how evil Mr. Black is and of the horrible values he promotes:

I think he’d want me to say to all of the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told that they are less than by their churches, or by the government, or by their families that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value.

Atrocious. Despicable.

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