If Pat Robertson Speaks For “Christians,” Who Speaks Against “Christians”?

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Let’s make sure we get everything good ol’ Pat has to say today.

I don’t really believe homosexuals want to get married…

Well, Pat, you’re already wrong. You’re 0 for 1 and it has only been three seconds.

What they want to do is destroy marriage and some of the other things that we have in our society.

Wow, he’s racking up the mistakes pretty quickly. I don’t know how we “homosexuals” would go about destroying these “things,” nor do I know why you’d want something you want to destroy. I mean, maybe like an ice cream sundae? I really want ice cream so I can devour it! But marriage is about a life together… you wouldn’t say you wanted a dog just so you could kill everybody else’s dogs.

There’s been an outright campaign against the traditional moral values that have grown up in a Judeo-Christian culture.

I wonder if good ol’ Pat noticed his misplaced modifier. Values that have grown up? How do values grow, good sir? I thought values were constant, which is why you never want anything to change in our perfect Judeo-Christian culture.

And they don’t want any, any hindrance to their particular lifestyle or their particular way of having sex. That’s what it amounts to.

Actually, that’s true, but Pat gets his vocabulary a bit confused here. He called us “homosexuals” which means he was defining us by our sexual orientation. Our sexual orientation really doesn’t have much to do with our “lifestyle” or “our way of having sex.” It’s about who we are naturally inclined to want to live our lives with. To call that a “style” of living is… wellllllll…. demeaning! 🙂

Blah, blah, blah. We know the usual kind of garbage Pat spews, but I want to explore what Christine actually said at the end of the clip:

It is important for us to pray—yes—but we also have to work. We have to raise up our voices too. I’m really getting tired of all these different stories and everyone’s offended at this and offended at that… I tell you what! Christians need to stand up and say, “Listen, I’m offended too.” Don’t get me started.

Christians. Not… “our viewers.” Not… “those Christians who share similar beliefs to us.” Christians.

I struggle with this, because if I reply by saying something like, “Christians need to take a chill pill and not be so uppity about their archaic discriminatory beliefs,” then I get in trouble. I’ll have Christian friends running to me and saying, “Don’t talk about Christians that way! I’m not that kind of Christian.” Well, I know that! Does Pat know that?

I really wonder to what extent religious privilege limits believers’ ability to speak out against people of faith. Do they feel beholden to respect Pat Robertson’s beliefs and the size of his following even when his words smear their religious identity? It’s astounding how deep-seeded that privilege is and how it continues to affect how we let our country be run.

Until we can overcome that, we’ll still hear Pat Robertson and all kinds of “Christians” spewing their discriminatory vitriol unabated.

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