Let The Repeal DOMA Money Wars Begin

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(UPDATE: Website ACT on Principles has launched a Repeal DOMA Whip Count. Check it out!)

Marriage equality is not the only important issue on the table, but it definitely is an important one. Repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act will essentially open the entire nation to marriage equality and same-sex couples will gain access to the many federal rights heterosexual couples have always enjoyed. It will have a huge impact on the visibility of our community and our standing in society.

So, now that Representative Nadler has introduced the “Respect for Marriage Act,” how do we make it happen?

david mixnerToday, David Mixner (who I met and got a hug from at the National Equality March!) suggested that we in the movement withhold campaign donations from any of the Democrats who do not support the bill. He wrote:

Refuse to contribute to any Democrat that is not on this legislation to repeal DOMA.Ironically, missing from this list are such obvious ones as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer , openly gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, DCCC Chairperson Chris Van Hollen and other key Democrats.

Let’s get busy. Ever Democrat must join this list and we must remain firm to not contribute to anyone who doesn’t support this effort to repeal DOMA….even our friends.

Let’s begin to end Gay Apartheid today with this simple step.

And he included the entire list of current supporters.

This approach seems to reflect the grassroots “full equality now,” no-exceptions approach of last weekend’s National Equality March.

In the meantime, what is our largest lobby group doing?

HRC Equals SignWell, our good friends at HRC have set up a cute little site called Repeal DOMA Now. It’s the typical letter-writing campaign, but of course HRC also wants you to donate money to help with their lobbying efforts.

Your contribution will help us begin the process of doing away with DOMA once and for all, and will support our work to ensure all people have the full benefits and protections of the federal government – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

It’s nice to see HRC mention gender identity given how they sold out the trans community on a non-inclusive ENDA before.

But does anybody see the obvious difference between Mixner and HRC’s approaches? Mixner says don’t give them money. HRC says give us money we can spend on them to win them over.

I definitely think there is validity to both approaches, but I’m really just having trouble trusting HRC’s leadership on these issues lately.

I’m going to have to side with Mixner on this one because I don’t think we can keep giving our elected leaders free rides on maintaining inequality. By following his approach, we are holding our leaders accountable to our rights and our issues and also refusing to provide positive reinforcement when they don’t address our concerns. HRC could spend a lot of money lobbying those leaders trying to win them over, but if at the end of the day they still don’t support us, all that money is wasted.

I think if the Queer Equality movement wants to be taken seriously, we have to make it clear: If you’re not standing with us, you’re standing against us.

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