What To Do This Weekend At The National Equality March!

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In case you were not aware there are a TON of events and workshops going on as part of the National Equalityequalitymarch logo March. There is so much more than just the march on Sunday.

Click here to see the full schedule!

I thought I’d tell you about some of the events I plan to attend and others that I would recommend!

Friday Night

Friday night I’ll be seeking out my fellow bloggers at the Bilerico Project’s Blogger Meetup.

I’d recommend the Welcome Reception for Marchers and Supporters, and if you’re in town earlier in the day, Operation Shine has some noteworthy events addressing homeless youth.


Saturday morning I’ll be over at Town helping get things set up for Camp Courage, a training workshop for grassroots activists that take place later that afternoon.

There are a number of great workshops organized through Gallaudet University Rainbow Society’s IMPACT. There are a ton on the schedule, including a Trans Community Building Caucus, GSA Training, Trevor Project Training, and a NEM Youth March later in the day. Also worth checking out is the How to Organize on Campus workshop.

In the afternoon, I think I’ll join the discussion on Holding Difficult Conversations about Religion and Sexuality and possibly also The Struggle for LGBT Liberation with Cleve Jones & Sherry Wolf. Also worth noting is Marriage Equality NY’s Move & Mixer, featuring Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement. There are also a number of other issue-specific workshops, such as Your Role in Passing ENDA: Grassroots Organizing Training and Soulforce is holding a training on Nonviolent Resistance for Social and Economic Justice.

In the evening, I’ll be supporting my fraternity sister as she performs with the Capital Pride Symphonic Winds in Different Drummers: Music of Hope and Equality. Also of note Saturday is the drag extravaganza Marching For Equality in Heels, benefiting The Matthew Shepard Foundation, which should be a lot of fun and benefits a wonderful cause.

And of course, Sunday is the big march and rally!

To any of you out there who are coming, I hope you have safe travels to DC and make the most of your participation in the weekend’s events!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for me! I might interview you for my Faces For Equality project!

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