Would The Rapture Be So Bad?

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PZ pointed out today that the folks over at The Rapture webpage have updated their calculations. Obviously they were wrong about September 21, but I just know that their calculations for this Wednesday, October 21, must be right.

I wandered on over to The Rapture’s website (which looks like it was designed by a student in an “Intro to HTML” class) and ended up watching this interesting clip:

The first half of the clip, I was thinking this is pretty cool. I mean, all of those people out there who believe in Jesus that constantly espouse their faith to the detriment of others would just disappear. And it wouldn’t be something tragic like them all dying (which sounds pretty horrible, I think); heck, they’re going to a better place. So we could all be happy that all those delusional people that continue to hold back the intellectual development of our society would no longer be around.

I don’t know about all the chaos that would take place, and that tribulation sure doesn’t sound fun, but I’m sure we’d cope. We’d already be equipped with hope, because we’d know it was only going to last 7 years (though we’d know that the second 3 1/2 would be worse). And if God in all his wrath really wanted to kill us, he wouldn’t bother taking seven years to do it. That would be so inefficient for someone omnipotent. Think how awesome we non-Christians would feel after we survived the apocalypse.

Of course… if the Rapture actually happened, we skeptics would have to adjust the way we think about our world. In the meantime, we have no reason to think that’ll happen, so I will go about my life normally.

To all you believers out there, I hope the best for you on Wednesday. The best, of course, is that when it doesn’t happen Wednesday, you actually wake up from your delusions instead of just pushing the calendar back another month…

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There are 1 Comments to "Would The Rapture Be So Bad?"

  • Michael says:

    I wish these folks that calculate the timing of the rapture would just be quiet and keep their opinions to themselves. The New Testament scripture clearly teaches that no man knows the day or the hour, not the angels in heaven, but the Father only. As Christians, we can know the season, but anyone who attempts to narrow it down to a date is just being foolish, and a bad witness of Christians for non-Christians everywhere.

    While the rapture is a biblically-sound doctrine that will occur at some point in the future, pointing out dates that come-and-go is also damaging to those young in the faith.

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