ZackFord Blogs 2.0: Let The Tweaking Begin!

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Well, here we are folks! Check out the new site! Even though the content is the same and even a lot of the aesthetic is the same, I assure you that under the hood this is a very new blog! (If you want to compare and contrast, you can still see the old blog at

Here are some of the things I’m excited about with the new site:

» Though I preserved most of the color scheme (from the Chaotic Soul theme), the text is now white instead of just light grey, so it should be much easier on the eyes! Links are also now that coppery color which should make them more identifiable.
» The new theme allows for two sidebars, so I can provide more content that doesn’t just go all the way down the page indefinitely.
» Complete new functionality. For example, check out the sexy new social bookmarks. (They’re really called “Sexy Bookmarks.”)
» The main header is finally a hyperlink to the home page! It was so frustrating on the old blog that I couldn’t do that!

There is still a lot of grunt work on my part, though. I wanted to get the new site live so that new comments weren’t lost to oblivion. (I lost one, I think he’ll forgive me.) Here is some of the work I have to do in the coming days to get this site back up to par:

» Remove my old social bookmarking tool from every individual post (all 174). Get Social was a great tool for my blog, but they have to go now! (DONE! Phew!)
» Check all hyperlinks, pics, and videos and make sure they transferred. I know of a bunch of pics that didn’t that I’ll also have to reupload and videos I’ll have to recode. Also, many of my Subcategories did not transfer properly, so I have to redesignate those as well. (WordPress’s import/export feature is generally a good tool, but it is far from perfect!) (DONE!)
» Reinput all of the links I had. Don’t worry friends! I care quite a bit about having you on my blogroll! (DONE!)
» Figure out how to make a Favicon and add it. I think I have a slightly new idea in mind, so that’s a little project all on its own. (DONE!)
» Start adding new features like Google Friend Connect that I could not use in the old blog. (DONE!)
(I finished it all by the end of Saturday, October 3!)

I’m extremely happy with the new site! Please look around and give me your feedback:

What do you like? What do you miss? What improvements would you like to see? Tell me EVERYTHING. I have so much more versatility that I really want this to be the most dynamic and user-friendly blog it can be, so please don’t hold back your comments!

Again, while I’m doing all this tweaking work, my posts will be less frequent, but hopefully I’ll get back to regular blogging very soon! (I guess technically I’ve still blogged every day, but you know what I mean!)


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There are 4 Comments to "ZackFord Blogs 2.0: Let The Tweaking Begin!"

  • Pete Berg says:

    Looking good, Zack!

  • Will says:

    Looks good! I do have a couple comments:

    -The “Most Recent Comments” feature was handy to have; if possible, it would be nice to reinstate that.
    -It looks like all older posts say “No comments.” Confusing!
    -I also liked having the “(#) comments” right at the top of each post; on posts with lots of discussion, it was handy both because it let you quickly see whether there were new comments and it allowed to jump to comments without scrolling past the post itself over and over… handy whenever debates broke out.

    Keep up the good work!

  • ZackFord says:

    Thanks for your feedback Will!

    –Most Recent Comments is now restored to the right sidebar!

    –The older posts with “No comments” is likely the result of how WordPress imports. I noticed a lot of things (for example, the number of posts in a category) that were listed wrong, but when you look at the list, they’re all there. All of the old posts’ comments should be present, but it might just not be caught up with itself in terms of what’s there.

    –Unfortunately, the location of the number of comments was specific to the previous theme. Personally, I think it makes more sense to have the comment link at the bottom, because presumably, folks will want to add a comment after they have finished reading.

    To compensate for this though, please note that the new social networking toolbar at the end of each post does include an option to subscribe to the comments for each post. Also, as before, you can access the comment RSS at any time if you want an update on current and new debates. (I personally use as my homepage, where I’m subscribed to the RSS feeds of a million different blogs that I like to follow. You might want to check it out.)

  • Looks very excellent, and it is quite a nice clean look.

    A bit of a crazy request. Would it be possible to choose a colour of the neon green that is slightly darker? When I RSS so I can read on the go, it all comes out on a white background — the links and grey text translate into blue links and black text (very readable), but the portions that are neon green stay neon green, which are not so readable.

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