ZFB Upgrades, Google Wave, Pete Berg

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Hey everybody!

Starting this week, I’m working on a massive overhaul of ZackFord Blogs. The goal is to shed the limitations of WordPress.com to expand the functionality and connectivity of this blog. The new format will be more expanded, and will feature things like advertisements (so I can start to make just a little bit of money for the work I put into this), Google Friend Connect, and Google Wave.

I’m so excited that I am officially a part of Google Wave preview. If you are too, please add me at zackfordblogs@googlewave.com. I’m so excited to explore Google Wave and I anticipate incorporating it into my blogging. As I’ve always said, I created this blog to create dialogue, and if Google Wave makes it easier for people to interact with my blogging, I am all for it. (If you are reading this and wondering, “What the heck is Google Wave?” please click here.)

So, as I dedicate time to reworking the very fabric of ZackFord Blogs, please be patient that there will be less posting than usual. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out some of my best work using “ZFB Highlights” and the various collections listed under my archives to the right. One of these days, you’ll open ZackFord Blogs and it will be a whole lot more awesome than it is now.

petebergIn the meantime, I have to give a shoutout to my buddy Peter Berg. Pete is a huge asset in my life as he assists me in this huge upgrade for ZFB. He knows a lot about hosting and domains and codes and things like that, so however ZFB looks when these upgrades are complete, it’ll definitely be thanks to him. (I think he still feels bad that he let me oversleep when we were roommates at freshmen orientation, but it might just be because he’s an awesome person.)

Since Pete is helping me out, I have to give a nice big shoutout to him and all the wonderful content he publishes through his numerous blogs. Please check out http://www.pieheaven.net/, Six Word Stories (one of my favorites!), and of course, http://www.peteberg.net/.

And to sufficiently embarrass my good friend, here’s a clip of one of his infamous segments on Ithaca College Television (Thanks Pete!):

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