A Look Back at an Exciting October at ZFb

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Wow! October was an exciting month here at ZackFord Blogs!ZFBlogosquare

We started off the month with the launch of the new site. I still haven’t gotten over my excitement with the new layout. Not only is the site easier to read, but I think it just looks more polished and has more of a unique identity. (Remember the old site? Ugh.)

Since then, I’ve been able to add a lot of functionality and interactivity to it! For example, you can now follow me on FriendFeed or contact me by phone thanks to Google Voice. Also, if you haven’t yet, you can connect to ZFb using Google Friend Connect or Facebook’s NetworkedBlogs Application. Those are both to the left on the sidebar!
<<<<< Check them out!

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, there are now some ads on the site. I’m still kind of playing around with them, but for now I think I’m content with the two large banner ads and the Google Search function. I know that, at least for me personally, Google ad links generally seem sketchy, but folks have reported that those appearing on my site have actually taken them to some decent sites. I can’t ask you to click, but if you do see an ad that catches your eye, at least feel assured it’s probably not going to take you to some bogus spam site if you click. Ads can sometimes be an eyesore, but I have to say that knowing that writing consistent quality content might make me some money does inspire me to write!

The wide world of WordPress plug-ins is wonderful. Since my blog is really writing-focused, there are a lot of special effects that I won’t regularly use. Still, it’s nice to keep things looking nice. For example, ZFb is now equipped with the WPAudio plug-in, so if I post music in the future, it’ll integrate easily. (Go back and look at my post on Gospel Music to see for yourself!) You’ve probably already seen my photo galleries thanks to the Picasna plug-in, and I’ve now got Lightbox 2 set-up so that it’s even easier to see full-size versions of thumbnailed images.

I’m also trying to add some character to the site, and have been playing around with seasonal logos. If you missed my Halloween logo, click below to see it (and test out Lightbox!)

Halloween Blog Logo

It has come to my attention that my site does not display properly using Internet Explorer. I know there are some folks out there who don’t have a choice, but I would suggest if you do have a choice that you consider using a different browser. About 19% of visits to ZFb are made on IE, and I don’t want my readers to have less than perfect browsing experiences! I am personally a big fan of the customizability of Firefox and the efficiency of Google Chrome. They’re definitely worth a look and will improve the quality of your browsing.

I have to end my wrap-up by saying thank-you to all my readers! In the month of October I wrote more than twice as much as any of the previous months of my blog. I wouldn’t be able to do that if people weren’t reading, commenting, challenging, debating, and sharing. I learn so much from folks’ feedback, which motivates me to keep writing. Here are some writing highlights from this past month:

» The Faces For Equality Project

» Reflections on “The Invention of Lying”

» Atheism Pervading The Subconscious Vernacular? “It is what it is.”

» No More Money For HRC, I Think and Joe Solmonese Needs To Stop Trying To Be a Peacemaker

» What is Religious Freedom? LDS Chimes in… ugh.

» Christian Universities Struggle With Teaching Legitimate Science (Read the comments on this one too!)

» Balloon Boy Demonstrates Challenge of Spreading Atheism

» Does Higher Education Understand The Culture of Blogging?

» I Blog To Make a Difference

» Reflections on the Passing of Hate Crimes Legislation

Thanks again to everyone’s support. If you like what you read, please consider commenting or sharing Don’t forget about the easy-share buttons at the bottom of each post! As always, you can view the complete archive of posts at any time. Happy November!

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