It’s Time to Hold Democrats Accountable for LGBT Rights

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Rainbow-flagHarvey Milk said 30 years ago that it was not enough to support Democrats who spoke in support of gay rights. He saw then what we see now: pandering. As long as the Democrats said that they would support the gay community, the gay community would give them money, just as we do today. But it’s still not enough. We can no longer throw our money away if we aren’t getting the support we are promised.

That’s why I am going to offer my support for the donor boycott of the DNC. I have signed the petition and taken the pledge. We can no longer allow Democrats to depend on our contributions without answering to our issues.

Some might think this a poor choice. (I’d encourage them to read the lengthy explanation that John and Joe provide.) But here is how I look at it: I could give money to Democrats thinking they’ll support my rights and get nothing, or I could not give money to Democrats and get nothing. Why waste my money?

This is about psychological conditioning. If you keep rewarding politicians for poor representation, they’ll keep representing poorly. The Human Rights Campaign epitomizes this point. They collect huge amounts of money and have very little to show for it except continued pandering to Democrats who talk a good talk.

What we’ve been doing isn’t enough. It’s time to step things up. It’s time to become a force to be reckoned with. It’s time for full equality now and no more Mr. Nice Gay. Let’s continue the momentum we saw at the National Equality March!

If you want to use your money in ways to support of queer equality, do us a favor and don’t give it to the Democratic committee. Give it to one of the many organizations that work tirelessly to support the gay community, like The Trevor Project or Join The Impact. Then, inform the politicians you wish to support why you aren’t contributing to their campaigns. Democrats stand for many important values, and voting for them is still important, but it’s time that Democrats realize how important the LGBT community is to their coffers.

Hopefully the Democrats are smart enough to realize they need our support, and they step up their efforts before things go awry. If they are unable to meet the very promises they have offered our community, then they didn’t deserve our support to begin with.

I am proud to stand among those who support equality and hope you will do the same.

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