Paranoid About Sex, Paranoid About Homosexuality, Paranoid About Adam Lambert

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People were upset about Adam Lambert’s AMA performance. It was “vulgar,” “obscene,” “inappropriate.” If you think about those words, they’re totally subjective. There isn’t a standard or checklist for things to be called any of those words. People just know it when they see it.

In this case, it took a gay man. It wasn’t that there were sexual moves; it was that there were sexual moves by a man. It wasn’t that there was a passionate kiss; it was because there was a kiss between two men. How horrid.

So a bunch of people complained, and ABC canceled Adam Lambert’s appearance this morning on Good Morning America. Lambert, in turn, appeared on CBS’s The Early Show. When they showed clips from his performance, they censored all of the “vulgar” moments, including the kiss. Guess what they didn’t censor: the Britney-Madonna kiss. Who is surprised? In the interview, Adam makes the arguments pretty articulately. (Clips are below, with hat tip to Towleroad.)

Just nine days ago, I wrote about how people are afraid and ashamed of sex. The only cultural force that condemns sex is religion. The only cultural force that condemns homosexuality is religion. So all of those 1,500 complaints must have been motivated by religion. And all of this censorship and rescheduling must be catering to religion.

Now, there’s an interesting catch-22 here. It’s a common phenomenon. Abstinence-only education leads to more sex. Strict parents lead to rebellious kids. If society didn’t deem sex and same-sex relations in a negative light, there would be nothing controversial about Lambert’s performance! It’s only a big deal because society makes it a big deal. In fact, Lambert might not have even engaged in such a performance if there wasn’t anything tantalizing about it. Does society secretly want to be tantalized? That seems to be the result.

Or, it just could be that some people aren’t willing to open their eyes to the cultures around them. The wider your “see-no-evil” blinders are, the more you’ll end up seeing. Let’s chill out, huh society? I don’t think Jesus was that uptight… not that I particularly care. But didn’t he hang out with a bunch of men and a prostitute? I’m just saying…

UPDATE: Guess who is filing a complaint with the FCC? A religious, anti-gay group. Surprise, surprise. (Joe.My.God has the story.)

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There are 4 Comments to "Paranoid About Sex, Paranoid About Homosexuality, Paranoid About Adam Lambert"

  • Francisco Mota says:

    I love how they censored both the simulated oral sex and the man-on-man kiss in the videos. Because those two are basically on the same level.

  • Megan says:

    Yes, think of the CHILDREN! Gag.

  • ZackFord says:

    They’re going to learn about it sooner or later… and definitely before their parents expect them to. Just because oral sex tends to be private act doesn’t necessarily make it “vulgar,” does it? Is sex really “obscene” or do we just call it that because people are afraid of it? It’s all very interesting… I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as some would like to think.

  • Andrew says:

    I completely agree that people overreacted to this, and pulling the plug on his other performances was a bit much.  However, I think there is something to be said for tact.  The kiss did not bother me at all but I think the simulated oral sex was a bit over the top.  Should he still be able to perform?  Yes, but as far as I am concerned his show just exemplified an oversexed man.  Unfortunately he also happens to be gay and I think in the long run his performance is going to have a much broader negative impact on the LGBT community.
    He did it, it is done but I think it could have been done with a bit more tact.

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