Religious Indoctrination at a Discount!

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Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the holiday season (though I hear Cyber Monday will be big too).

That means that at WorldNetDaily, you can get amazing free gifts with your purchases to further your descent into na├»ve idiocy! (Note: All links actually go to the WND Superstore… so don’t click unless you actually want to go look at this crap. Of course, it’s slightly amusing, since every item description reads like a Poe. If REAL ads pop up on the sidebar, you can always click on those too.)

For $30 of purchases, you get a “Say Merry Christmas!” bumper sticker, so that not only can you show what a proud Christian you are, you can show what an arrogant prick you are for expecting everybody to conform to your religious practices!

For $50 of purchases, you’ll also get the extremely well-researched and objective documentary, “A Question of Eligibility.” You and your family can have holiday viewing parties of this bestselling film and it’ll be the perfect yule log to fuel your inherently racist and paranoid hatred of our unfairly-elected President!

For $100, you’ll get your own copy of Joseph Farah’s “Taking America Back,” signed by the author! You’ll dedicate many hours to practicing your reading skills and convincing yourself that America has become a one-party system that kowtows to the “all-powerful secular state,” even though it’s the conservative Republicans you support who prevent any reform or progress in society.

And, if you spend over $150, add to your collection David Kupellan’s “The Marketing of Evil,” also signed by the author! Have you been trying to figure out why things like divorce, abortion, body piercing, and talking openly about homosexuality have become so popular and accessible? It obviously has nothing to do with the development of sexual literacy or the resistance to patriarchy that has fueled much of the social justice progress we’ve experienced. That’s just evil in disguise, marketed effectively. I know I get sucked into those cunning abortion advertisements all the time. Now you’ll finally get to the bottom of these dastardly schemes out to destroy your narrow archaic view of morality!

Of course, in addition to all the other books and films for sale, you can check out WND’s incredible line of bumper stickers. You are sure to find just the right stickers and magnets to help everybody know just how stupid, insensitive, and bigoted you are! Truly, WorldNetDaily knows how to make the season a bright and loving time for our nation.

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