Cowardly Vote Against Marriage Equality in NY

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Another setback. How’s that state-by-state strategy working, Joe?

The thing that galls me the most is we just sat and watched over two hours of speeches. Only one of them was against marriage equality, almost 20 of them were in favor. There were some amazingly compelling arguments made and I was really honored to watch many of those Senators stand up and not just discuss why marriage equality is important as a gay rights issue, but as a civil rights issue and as an American issue.

But then, the New York Senate had a nice and slow role-call vote. All these Senators who might not have even bothered to be in the room during the debate offered their only contribution to the matter: “No.” They didn’t have to explain themselves, they didn’t have to substantiate their vote in any sort of way. But just like that, they denied the equality of their constituents.

As I have written before and will write again, there is no non-religious reason to oppose queer equality. It’s days like today when I remember, at the most personal level, why I started this blog and I why I proudly call myself an antitheist. Religious values, religious superiority, religious privilege… that’s what still has ultimate control over our society. It assumes respect and goes unchallenged.

While I am no longer a citizen of New York, I once was, and it is a sad, sad day for that state. By a vote of 38-24, equality and respect were systematically denied in the name of God.

Praise Jesus.

(Update: If you find my words harsh or exaggerated, check out this post over at Good As You: NY church/state separation is a lie.)

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  • Mld says:

    I called my senator’s office FOR her reason for a no vote.  “She has always believed that marriage is between a man and a woman”
    But… it’s not HER beliefs that matter here.  And it seems that too many politicians have forgotten that.  It is OUR beliefs–their constituents.  Yes, my district might still end up a ‘no’ vote, because I live in a conservative district, upstate, but I would rather hear ‘The majority of constituents who voiced opinions were against the bill.”  THAT, I could accept.

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