Doing Wrong for “Right,” The Continuing Ex-Gay Lesbian Custody Battle

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You may remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Vermont-Virginia lesbian custody battle. My simple goal at the time was to debunk the WND article on the matter. Now, there’s been an interesting new development that I’d like to comment on (and then we’ll see how WND’s compares—if they even comment further). Here’s a brief recap from Joe Jervis:

1. In 2000, Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins get civil unioned in Vermont.

2. In 2002, Miller has a baby girl via artificial insemination.

3. In 2003, the couple breaks up when Miller “renounces” homosexuality, becomes an evangelical Christian, and moves to Virginia, taking the baby with her.

There has been an ugly dispute since that shows some of the many problems with civil unions and DOMA. Since Virginia doesn’t recognize the civil union, it almost seems as if Miller has legal sanctuary there, but that hasn’t stopped the Vermont courts from continuing to rule, assuming its jurisdiction over the civil union. So that brings us up to this week, and boy is it interesting now!

Vermont Family Court Judge William Cohen ordered Lisa Miller of Winchester, Va., to turn over daughter Isabella to Janet Jenkins of Fair Haven at 1 p.m. Friday at the Virginia home of Jenkins’ parents.

But in the Dec. 22 order denying Miller’s request to delay the transfer of Isabella, Cohen wrote: “It appears that Ms. Miller has ceased contact with her attorneys and disappeared with the minor child.”

Got that? Custody is supposed to be turned over on Friday and Miller has DISAPPEARED.

This, for me, is where the fine line between “tolerable” beliefs and “intolerable” beliefs is really no line at all. Think about how far this has gotten:

» Miller “left the homosexual lifestyle.” Changing your sexual orientation is not possible, regardless of who believes what.

» Miller no longer wanted her former partner to have any role in raising the child, so she ran away. Regardless of what you believe about “marriage” and who should raise kids, Jenkins still has custody over the kid.

» Jenkins has been attacked for her atheism and her wish that the child not be raised in a Christian environment. So now they’re creating the expectation that Miller is in the right just because she’s a Christian and Jenkins is not.

» Now Miller has completely disappeared, and if she doesn’t turn Isabella over on Friday, who knows what trouble she’ll be in. Was she drinking the Manhattan Declaration fumes or what? The legal proceedings don’t align with her beliefs so she courageously runs away to protect her child? Please.

And even despite this new course of action, the Liberty Counsel is still spewing crap to defend Miller:

“The potential effect of any change in Isabella’s housing, school, community and environment could be to ‘induce devastating trauma,'” Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindevaldsen said quoting a doctor who testified in the case.

Lindevaldsen also argued that Jenkins had shown a “disdain” for Miller’s Christian beliefs — including the belief that homosexuality is a sin. She said Isabella, who attends a Christian school, shares her mother’s beliefs.

Isn’t that convenient? Isabella now shares the beliefs of the mother who stole her away from her family and indoctrinated her with the same self-hating Christianity she buys into, and now that’s a reason she should stay with her. Unbelievable.

I can’t wait to see WND weigh in defending Miller. It’ll be so pathetic, but folks will buy into it, of course.

And if Miller does not comply with the court order, I hope she is treated like the criminal and child abuser that she is.

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