Some ZFb Holiday Tidbits

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Hey everybody! Here are just a couple of little highlights worth checking out…

» Don’t forget! Tonight is the finale of The Sing-Off. Voices of Lee, the group from gay-hostile Lee University, is in the finals.

» On Friday, I wrote a piece called, “How Long Until We Have Campus Atheist Resource Centers?” This post, while seemingly about a very specific concept, is a piece I’m very proud of. Even if the idea of college diversity education isn’t totally relevant for you, this article is an effective synthesis of a lot of the writing I’ve done over the past year. I hope you’ll take some time to read through it and check out the previous posts that inform it.

» I am proud to say that the UK-based online publication Gay & Lesbian Humanist has published one of my articles this month. While hopefully you’ve already read my piece, “An Atheist Who Loves The Xmas Season,” I definitely encourage you to visit the G&LH site and check out their other content.

» Peterson Toscano, well-known ex-gay survivor and advocate, has offered some kind words about ZackFord Blogs on his own blog. If you haven’t ever watched any of his videos before, you are missing out.

» In October, I wrote a piece called “Hope College Prefers Moral Ignorance Over Cognitive Dissonance,” about the decision of Hope College to ban Dustin Lance Black and his film Milk from campus. Today, Dustin Lance Black has a detailed account of what happened from his perspective and the very positive events that have transpired since. It’s definitely worth reading.

» If you didn’t already notice, ZackFord Blogs now has its own Facebook Fan Page. It’s an easy way to follow ZFb updates and hopefully create further discussion too!

» Some of my recent posts have sparked some interesting (and challenging) discussions. If you’re really bored and want to read some LONG comments streams, check out the comments for “How The AFA Spins Creationist Propaganda” and the Newsvine for “Why Is It “Disrespectful” and “Offensive” To Challenge Religious Beliefs?”

» If you haven’t already, make plans to attend the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force 2010 Creating Change Conference this February in Dallas! Yours truly will be there along with Ameriqueer/Bilerico blogger Phil Reese and many many others! I hope to see you there!!

» One of my favorite holidays of “The Holidays” has gotten very little attention this year: Decemberween. Celebrated exactly 55 days after Halloween, Decemberween is a truly festive holiday. After the traditional meal of bunnies, gather ’round the fire to reflect on how Archibald and The Popular Vote helped welcome The First Decemberween. May you all have the best Decemberween ever.

» I’ve written a couple of posts this year about the “War on Christmas,” and thankfully, the “war” had very little momentum in 2009. Because of all the business about the Gap ads, I thought I’d leave you with a delightfully gay parody of them (Hat tip JMG). Happy holiday Monday!

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