Two New Cool LGBT Projects You Should Check Out

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Normally I don’t like to blatantly promote certain blogs because there are so many great blogs down in the blogroll. In this case, there are two projects that go beyond just blogging that I think deserve some special attention. They are relatively new, and so I want to help them out because I think the projects they are undertaking are unique and worthwhile!

Equal Junction

I had the pleasure of meeting Marcos and Frank Cermak-Ochoa at October’s National Equality March. These gentlemen are among the 18,000 legally married same-sex couples in California. As their own response to Proposition 8 and the efforts for LGBT equality, they have started Equal Junction to speak truth to money.

They, like many, recognize the financial clout that the gay community has, and they want to do what they can to make sure that money gets spent in ways that matter. Equal Junction “entertains and informs our community and allies about the companies, large and small, working to earn our hard-earned dollar.” While the HRC Corporate Equality Index is a nice resource, it isn’t very user-friendly and doesn’t really speak so well to everyday commercial spending. That’s where Equal Junction steps in.

Check in with them to see which products to buy and which stores to buy them in so that your money is supporting companies that support us in return. In unrestrained capitalism, our dollar is perhaps our mightiest weapon.

What Is Your Gay…

I’m proud to support a good friend of mine from college who has started what I think has the potential to become a powerful resource for our community. While Andrew has been doing some fine blogging at What Is Your Gay…, his goal is to create a database of coming out stories. By gathering stories from all kinds of folks, he hopes that those struggling with coming out will have a place to hear from others who have been through that life-changing experience. He also thinks it important that we work to counter stereotypes of LGBT people by showing our true diversity. So says the site’s mission:

The mission of is to advance LGBT rights by enabling everyday citizens to tell their stories.   To give everyone with access to the internet a chance to show who they are and break the boundaries established by television and stereotypes.  It is time for the LGBT community to speak up and show people who we really are in all of our variety.  Whether that is rich or poor, black, white, yellow or pink, old or young.  It is time to put a face to the everyday person in the GLBT community.

It is also the mission of to help those who are still struggling with who they are to find themselves.  By promoting openness hopes to empower those who are still struggling with their identity.  We want them to know that they are not alone, whether they be in New York City, or Callaway, Nebraska.

Check out Andrew’s site and take some time to make your own coming out video (check out the submission instructions). I look forward to the day I can refer my students to his site and they can open their eyes and hearts to the stories of countless others who have been through similar struggles. Keep up the great work, Andrew!

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