ADF Invokes Same Demonization Tactic It’s Trying To Downplay

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I haven’t written as much about the Alliance Defense Fund, but I’m sure many of you know that they are a Christian legal group working with Protect Marriage to defend Proposition 8. They also put out their own twisted interpretations of the proceedings and other propaganda to rally support for “traditional marriage.”

If you’ve been following the testimony at all, you know that the theme of children has come up quite a bit. There has been a history of demonizing gays and lesbians as being linked to pedophilia (and recruiting!) and Yes on 8 continued this theme with their constant messages of “Protect Our Children.” The plaintiffs’ experts’ testimony has all verified that gays and lesbians pose no risk and these tactics are used just to play on people’s fears and misunderstandings so that gays and lesbians continue to experience discrimination.

Now, I found this interesting document published by ADF that one ADF tweet called a “Call To Action.” The action? Prayer. (Click to embiggen!)

In the spirit of this blog, I need to take a moment to make fun of this, but the more important relevance is below. ADF wants everybody to pray together every morning at the same time. I don’t know if there are specific tactics that make prayer “more effective” (0 • x = 0) that I don’t know about, but apparently praying across the country at the same time makes a difference. I’d be pissed if I was on the west coast and had to get up early just to pray at 7:30 just so I would be praying simultaneously with east coast folks at 10:30. I’m sure prayer every day is making a big difference. God is surely going to intervene in these proceedings, because discrimination is just as important to him as it is to the people who worship him. (Note: Belief is not self-serving at all.)

But anyways, as I analyzed the handout that ADF made for Bible study groups, I noticed something more alarming. A lot of it is the same self-victimization nonsense that we’ve been hearing. But take a look at that third bullet under “What’s Also at Stake?”:

THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE. Will marriage be treated as nothing more than a legal arrangement, subject to constant reconfiguration to satisfy the whims of adults, without regard for the important interests of children and social stability?


Even as they seek to separate themselves from the fallacies of messaging invoking children, they are sending out new propaganda invoking children!

It’s subtle, but it’s there!

Alliance Defense Fund, shame on you. It’s totally clear that the motivations of you and your ilk is to continue the demonization of gays and lesbians. Even though the testimony over the past two weeks has made it clear that children are not at all at risk, you continue to use them as a tactic to scare your followers into persisting in their discriminatory views.

Just a reminder to everyone out there: our lives are on the line.

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