ADF’s Mocking Quotes, Meet ZFb’s Mocking Italics

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Because the defense is now making their case, the Alliance Defense Fund and Protect Marriage twitter profiles are very active to show all the garbage their poorly informed “expert” is dispensing. They are rife with what I call the “mocking quotes,” quotation marks added to words or phrases to suggest they are not legitimate (“so called…”) or that they are deserving of mockery.

Below are various tweets just from today (Day 10) from @ADFmedia, and I shall using my mocking italics to clarify their “mocking quotes.” (If you missed my previous response to ADF on Twitter, you can see it here.)

Plaintiffs showing excerpts of DVD of seminars regarding same-sex “marriage.” #prop8

Yeah, what’s up with that? All them homosexuals keep trying to steal OUR word. Just because 18,000 couples got a piece of paper that said “marriage” doesn’t mean they got a REAL marriage. I mean, come on, it’s bizarre to even put “same-sex” and “marriage” in the same sentence. Who could understand such a thing? Those homosexuals can try to use our word, but we’ll make sure we clarify that it’s not the same as our word (even if it’s spelled the same and would mean exactly the same thing under the law).

Showed Bishop Jackson and other black pastors debunking idea that fight for SS’M’ somehow same thing as real civil rights strug in US #prop8

…And don’t think that Twitter’s character limit is going to stop us! Even abbreviated, we still want to make it very clear that your “marriage” is nothing like our marriage. Just ask Britney and K-Fed. We will always spare 2 characters to set ourselves apart from you homosexuals and your quest to destroy the fabric of society.

P’s intro’d doc of the American Anthropological Ass’n regarding “sexual orientation”… #prop8

…attempt to recover from inability on Fri of Dr. Herek (P’s “sexual orientation” exp) to estab immutability of sexual behavior. #prop8

What is this “sexual orientation” nonsense? Is it behavior? Is it identity? Is it attraction? Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about, and neither does the American Anthropological Association. I mean, we are obviously smarter than the AAA and so are our experts, so just stop bothering with all those professional organizations, ok?

P’s moving to “final group of docs” they want to dump into evid. Re: evid used by #prop8 legal team to dismantle testimony of Dr Badgett…

…described as add’l docs from official website of govt. of Netherlands. Judge allows them into evid. #prop8

This is a bunch of crap. I bet they didn’t even read all those documents. They’re just trying to make it look like they have a lot of evidence against us, but it’s just a big stack of meaningless paper. We don’t even care what it says, but we’re trying to block it all because it just doesn’t look nice. Take your “final group of docs” and shove it, plaintiffs.

Money = very imp asset in US pol sys. ‘GLBT’ crowd been able to raise substantial funds to support causes #prop8

You all think you have some kind of group identity? You don’t even know how to define yourselves. Prove to us that you’re “gay” or “lesbian,” as you so like to call yourselves. We get to decide if you exist or not, thank you very much!

TONS of major corps support the “movement.” #prop8

It can only really be called a movement if it gets anywhere! Your “movement” is a joke, but we’ll make sure we do everything we can to stop it, because we know your secret agenda is to DESTROY MARRIAGE and RAPE ALL OUR CHILDREN!

In CA leg EQCA had victories re laws on housing, emp, pub ed, labor orgs, adoption, pub contracting, insurance, state-funded progs… #prop8

…biz servs, “hate” crimes, DP’s, and other things. ‘GLBT’ has had over 50 leg victories in CA. #prop8

Yeah, that’s right. Even though we still don’t think you actually exist, we’re going to point out that you’ve had all these victories [“victories”] to make it look like you’re awesome and we’re the victims. You cry about hate all the time, but how can people hate you when you don’t even exist? Besides, it’s not like we’re hateful. Anybody can oppose “people” who are “GLBT” without it being “hate,” don’t you know that? We said so. You should listen more. Open your minds.

Outside CA “GLBT” movement highly success w/ “hate” crimes laws, emp discrim that protect “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. #prop8

And don’t think that you “trans” folks with your “gender variances” get off the hook. You aren’t really relevant to this whole traditional marriage case we’re building, but don’t forget that we don’t believe in you either.

Dr. Miller mentions “G and L Victory Fund” which is a powerful pol machine for election of openly “GLBT” candidates. #prop8

You know that big organization that you think you’ve had for like 19 years or something? Well, we know it’s a farce, but we’re just mentioning it because we think it helps our case. Remember, as long as we’re around, you’ll never see your precious “victory,” so just keep dreaming, suckers.

US Sup Ct: “political powerlessness” means inability to attract attention of lawmakers. “GLBT” community undoubtedly has this ability #prop8

Fancy legal term you got there. Too bad it has nothing to do with you and your fake identities. Why are we wasting our time making a big deal about things we can’t even prove exist? All we need is God to guide our way.

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