Day 10 of the Prop 8 Trial: Kenneth Miller Doesn’t Know

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The byline of this post pretty much sums up the afternoon. Boies grilled the defense’s witness, Dr. Kenneth Miller, and made it clear just how much he doesn’t know. I joined my fellow #prop8 followers in posing the question, what exactly is his expertise? In direct exam, he just listed lots of allies that gays have, and under cross-exam he admitted he knows nothing and that DADT and DOMA are discriminatory.

And Boies isn’t done.

The extra links below on P8TT and Pam’s House Blend demonstrate a lot of the “explosive evidence” we saw this morning and demonstrate just how bad a witness Miller is for the defense. As always, I will update these links throughout the evening as more coverage comes in.

ZFb: ADF’s Mocking Quotes, Meet ZFb’s Mocking Italics, Some Day 10 Mid-Day Updates and Coverage: Children, Children, Children, Expert Witnesses and Academic Clout

P8TT: Complete Transcript Summary, Explosive evidence exposes Prop 8 campaign, How a Bad Expert Witness Can Ruin A Case

Firedoglake: Morning 1, Morning 2, Afternoon 1, Afternoon 2

Shannon Minter (NCLR): Day 10 Recap

Pam’s House Blend: Quotes from Prop 8 simulcast rally shown in court today exposes bestiality, incest, 9/11(!) claims

San Jose Mercury: Prop. 8 trial Day 10: Live coverage from the courtroom, Prop 8 trial: Professor says gays and lesbian gaining political clout

Keen News Service: Mid-day report: Day 10 Prop 8 trial, Yes on 8 expert contends gays wield coalition power

Los Angeles Times: Witness in Prop. 8 trial cites wide support for gays and lesbians

New York Times: Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 10: Domino Effect

Wall Street Journal: Gay-Marriage Foes Make Their Case

Reuters: California gay marriage opponents argue no discrimination

Prop 8 On Trial: Plaintiffs close on controversial rally clips

LGBT POV: Geoff Kors: Prop. 8 Case: Progress on LGBT Rights Doesn’t Equal Equality

Good As You: Video: 7 on ‘8’ (Clips from the premiere of The Mormon Proposition)


Because today was SO heavy with tweets from ADF, here is some of today’s relief from Protect Mawwiage:

Court breaks into WE WILL ROCK YOU for pro #prop8 side. Cheerleading nuns put on show. Gays hissing or lisping, can’t tell. #protectmarriage

Evidence shows homoagenda includes construction of spacestation with ability to destroy a planet and/or families. #prop8 #protectmarriage

homoagenda: kids in ssm household growup with refined sense of fashion, music, art. Deprived of trad values like NASCAR, wifebeating. #prop8

noRT @ADFMedia: Don’t we have right 2 spread lies about minority groups we want 2 wipe from the face of the planet? #prop8 #protectmarriage

Homoagenda Evidence: Gays trying to find lost Ark of Covenant, giving their armies unstoppable power, awesome abs. #prop8 #protectmarriage

HomoAgenda Evidence: Gays trying to destroy marriage, bring back Lord Voldemort. #prop8 #protectmarriage

@ADFMedia @Nomtweets Guys, have idea: Maybe if we did nice things, weren’t such assholes people might like us more? #prop8 #protectmarriage

Gays adored by dogs, cats, single women. Clearly no longer discriminated against. #prop8 #protectmarriage

!HomoAgenda Alert! Gays have top secret time-traveling island, experimenting on polar bears, gay smoke monsters. #prop8 #protectmarriage

!HomoAgenda Alert! Gays form alliance w/Decepticons. Now able to disguise themselves as normal everyday people. #prop8 #protectmarriage

You can always check out the Perry v. Schwarzenegger archive for all the past coverage. I’ve also included links to the official transcripts there and will also link to the trial re-enactments when they’re available.

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