Day 3 of the Prop 8 Trial: Anti-Gay Discrimination

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I think some of the initial momentum of the trial has faded and we are settling in for the long haul of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Today, Dr. Chauncey dealt with extensive scapegoating from the defense, and then went into quite a bit of detail drawing parallels between the demonization of the past and the Prop 8 campaign. Dr. Peplau helped us learn that gay couples cannot “accidentally” have children, and that by definition, “wedlock” means “out of wedlock.” We also heard from the Supreme Court about broadcasting the trial, but even that was a bit confusing.

Here’s a roundup of relevant posts from today:

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Minter’s recap summarizes Professor Peplau’s testimony from this afternoon well:

Prof. Peplau offered four expert opinions: (1) most individuals who marry gain physical, psychological, and social benefits from being married; (2) the quality and stability of same-sex relationships are similar to those of heterosexual relationships; (3) if permitted to marry, same-sex couples will derive the same benefits from marriage as heterosexual couples; and (4) permitting same-sex couples to marry will not harm the institution of marriage in any way. These opinions disprove the defense’s argument that allowing same-sex couples to marry would fundamentally change and undermine marriage, and support the plaintiffs’ claim that marriage is a basic civil right that same-sex couples need and are entitled to.

Kate Kendell (NCLR): Report from the Frontlines of the Prop 8 Trial:

Another interesting story today was the great Twitter myth that the Alliance Defense Fund’s tweets were getting censored by Twitter’s search features. ADF started this myth themselves. It seems clear that this was just a ploy to get people to retweet their horrible messages and bring more attention to the lies they’ve been spreading. This entire story seems to only exist on Twitter.

Oh, and in case you missed other news today, Pat Robertson said that the Haitian earthquake is God’s punishment for their devil worship:

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