Day 7 of the Prop 8 Trial: We Don’t Have The Power

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I have a hunch people aren’t sure how to react to today. Dr. Segura still has a morning full of cross-exam and redirect to face in the morning, but there were so many revelations today. To know that there was an intentional strategy for religious groups to collaborate without being perceived as being too connected to the campaign… it’s mind-blowing.

I don’t even know what to say right now. I just want to know more!

Important update: the American Foundation for Equal Rights will now be hosting the official trial transcripts on their site. If you want to see exactly what’s been happening, take a look. I can assure you that’s the last thing Protect Marriage wants you to do. Since the official transcripts are a couple days late, we’ll continue to follow the liveblogging from P8TT and FDL.

Here are the links for tonight. There’s a lot of focus on Obama being brought up today, and for good reason.

ZFb: Some Mid-day Thoughts on Day 7: Powerlessness…, Protect Marriage, Day 7: The Truth Hurts, But We’re Laughing It Off

P8TT: Complete Transcript Summary, sues Courage Campaign Institute over logo, Your Right Hand is My Left Hand: The LDS Church and the Prop 8 Campaign, An Explosive Afternoon: LDS Church, Restraining Order denied: Logo staying up for now, What is Power? (A poignant summation of the implications of today’s testimony for our movement)

FDL: ProtectMarriage’s Andy Pugno: Marriage is Like Prison (HILARIOUS!), Morning 1, Morning 2, Afternoon 1, Afternoon 2, President Fierce Advocate Appears at the Prop 8 Trial

Shannon Minter (NCLR): Day 7 Recap

San Jose Mercury: Prop. 8 trial Day 7: Live coverage from the courtroom, Expert in Prop 8 trial says Obama not a reliable ally of gay marriage movement

Los Angeles Times: Prop. 8 opponents seek to show link between religion, anti-gay discrimination [Updated], Prop. 8 challengers highlight religion’s role in campaign

Edge: Prop 8 trial, Day 7: Witnesses counter claims sexual orientation is a choice

The Raw Story: Mormon church wanted ‘plausible deniability’ on anti-gay effort

Huffington Post: Proposition 8: Gay Man Says ‘Reversal’ Therapy Did Not Change Him

Keen News Service: Mid-day report: Day 7 Prop 8 trial, Prop 8 trial: weak allies and powerful enemies

Advocate: Cindy McCain Poses for NOH8 (Another recruit for Harvey Milk!)

New York Times: Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage (A great look at the perspective of the kids of same-sex couples.)

Good As You: Signed Andy Pugno, Ron Prentice, et al.

In that last link, Jeremy Hooper reminds us that the Protect Marriage used some of the very same tactics (threats of boycott) that they have been taking umbrage for.

Here’s a revealing video from Mormon Pollster Gary Lawrence. He ran a consulting firm that did a lot of polling for the Prop 8 campaign, and today’s testimony addressed his role coordinating the entire Mormon effort within Orange County. For as innocent as Protect Marriage has been trying to play, it’s clear from this video they relish any opportunity to play the victim card—they’ll even fabricate circumstances just so they can.

The trial re-enactments did not appear today like we hoped they would, but hopefully we’ll see them soon.

To end the night on a lighter note, let’s take another look at some of the fun tweets from protect mawwaige that came in today. (There were quite a few to pick from.)

When we pick on gays it’s called doing God’s work. When gays fight back it’s called OPPRESSION. Got it?! #prop8 #protectmarriage

Of course sex orientation is a choice! Many of us #prop8 supporters must consciously choose NOT to be gay. every. minute. of. the. day.

Glad our team withdrew THAT witness. He obviously didn’t know how to skew his testimony to our side LOL! #prop8 #protectmarriage

#prop8 witness brings up decline of birthrates connected 2 female literacy? Then we must put a stop to education for women & get em breedin!

Ryan Kendall, ex “gay camp survivor” takes stand at #prop8. Bible burst into flames while sworn in. #protectmarriage

Not sure why #prop8 plaintiffs upset about wanting to hide public sermons. Jesus stood up to establishment so we could hide like cowards.

It’s nice to see such light-hearted satire when we’re discussing such heavy topics.

As always, the Perry v. Schwarzenegger archive is on-hand to keep you caught up and informed!

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