Day 9 of the Prop 8 Trial: Do Gays and Lesbians Even Exist?

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The question in the title of this post is what the defense wasted our day with. This afternoon was just more of what the defense offered this morning: study after study (none of which were from the last decade) with individual sentences taken out of context being used in an attempt to demonstrate that gays and lesbians are not identifiable. Given that the only difference between same-sex orientations and opposite-sex orientations is the societal context in which they develop, this exercise didn’t seem to prove anything (though I’m sure Andy Pugno thought it was just an “outstanding” cross-examination).

Actually, if anything, it showed that more people suffer from discrimination and stigma than just those who choose to identify as gays and lesbians.

Visit my mid-day post for a lot more detail on these issues as well as other coverage from Day 9. (A lot of the links that are still circulating tonight, including numerous Huffing Post articles, can be found on that post.) Below that are other transcripts and coverage of today’s proceedings.

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Keen News Service: Prop 8 defenders: No sharp line between gays and straights (This is a GREAT analysis of today’s grueling testimony.)

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Good As You: Jeremy responds to both the Alliance Defense Fund and National Organization for Marriage: Wherein the ADF tries, fails to recast ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, NOM declares another McCain 08 loss

LGBT POV: Gloria Nieto: The California storms, the Prop 8 trial and me, NOM on Prop 8 challenge: Christianity on trial

In other good news, the Hawaii Senate passed a bill on Civil Unions. Every little bit of progress helps us get to real equality.

That’s it for now. I’ll update this post throughout the evening as more links come in. Let’s end the week with some more delightful tweets from Protect Mawwiage:

What first amendment? Courts undermining our freedom to oppress using lies, fear, and slander! #protectmarriage

Another week of #prop8, another week of media gays keeping it quiet. Thanks @andersoncooper @perezhilton @theellenshow! Checks in the mail!

Glad our side is attacking definition of “gay”. Must make sure we do this when we pass laws against Jews, other “lifestyle choices”. #prop8

Our lawyer says that if u choose to b a part of a minority it’s ok to discriminate against them. Well hot damn, open them floodgates! #prop8

Uch. Even bored by our own lawyers. Paging Dr. Tam, paging Dr. Bill Tam, we need your unintentional hilarity in the courtroom, stat. #prop8

#prop8 lawyer seems pretty sure sexual orientation is fluid and malleable. Wonder if he’s speaking from experience. #protectmarriage

notRT @ADFMedia At stake: Whether voters can decide thru democ process that a minority can be squashed, humiliated #prop8 #protectmarriage

notRT @ADFMedia At stake: Whether Americans forfeit core of democracy by letting small group void const amend. Like the blacks in 67. #prop8

@ADFMedia maybe you can tell the #prop8 trial that people are mean to you on twitter. It counts as violent persecution! #protectmarriage

LALALA! GAYS AREN’T REAL! LALALA! RT @protectmarriage #prop8 expert on sex orient says “biological evidence of homos is weak & inconclusive”

We fight for the 1st amendment! Unless ur @CourageCampaign, then we’ll sue the shit out of u over some stick figures #prop8 #protectmarriage

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