Protect Marriage: Ron Prentice Reminds You NOT To Follow The Trial

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Creating Change kept me from getting to this wonderful Protect Marriage post until now, but I want to give it due treatment. Ron Prentice, Executive Director of Protect Marriage, has a cameo on the PM blog to remind us of the limited amount of information PM really wants to discuss about the trial. Despite being an epic recap (as is my response), it is profoundly lacking when it comes to actual details. For the rest of us, it’s a reminder of how important it really is to continue discussing the trial!

Testimony Concludes But The Battle Is Just Beginning

The live testimony in the federal trial of Perry v Schwarzenegger, the historic court battle over the definition of marriage, finally came to a close.

I love how it only takes Prentice one sentence to go on the defensive. Obviously, it’s a “battle” to defend the definition of marriage. They’re fighting! They’re crusaders! But is it about the definition of marriage? Or is it discrimination against gays and lesbians? David Blankenhorn even conceded that he’s okay with polygamy to defend his definition of marriage as 1 man and 1 woman (each polygamous marriage is still one man and one woman, apparently). It seems that in the battle to defend marriage, Protect Marriage’s team is ready to demolish any other understandings of marriage just to ensure it’s not open to same-sex couples. That sounds more like discrimination than preservation to me.

Our lead trial attorney Charles Cooper and the rest of the Prop 8 Legal Defense Team did a superb job defending the will of the voters and the institution of marriage itself under extremely difficult circumstances in this San Francisco courtroom. As we consistently saw in most of the critical pre-trial rulings, virtually all of Judge Vaughn Walker’s significant rulings during the trial went against us.

Did I read that wrong? The Judge kept ruling against you, but you feel you did a superb job? You know you’re not doing so hot when you’re giving yourself points just for effort.

For example, Judge Walker’s insistent efforts to broadcast the trial proceedings worldwide on the internet, in violation of federal laws, caused two-thirds of our expert witnesses to withdraw from the case just before the trial started. Quite understandably, these experts were fearful of the likely harassment and retribution they would suffer, personally and professionally, if their live testimony was broadcast worldwide as Judge Walker had ordered. As the trial started, the cameras were still rolling and there was no way to guarantee the witnesses that their testimony would not be broadcast. Even though the US Supreme Court later overruled Judge Walker and prohibited the broadcasting of this case, it was too late.

Wow, now they’ve sunk to calling Walker a criminal! And “quite understandably” there’d be “likely harassment and retribution”? Yes, it’s so hard to publicly support discrimination. I don’t think the witnesses are getting off any easier than if they had been broadcast; their testimonies were still embarrassingly lacking when it came to “expertise.”

I can’t say I have any sympathy whatsoever for their witnesses’ lack of courage.

The loss of four witnesses put tremendous added pressure on our team of defense attorneys to find other ways to get our critical evidence into the record. So during over 30 hours of our cross-examination of the plaintiffs’ witnesses, our attorneys succeeded in moving key studies, statistics, reports and other evidence into the record, and obtaining critical concessions from the other side’s witnesses on many subjects, such as child-rearing and monogamy. Thankfully, our legal team was extremely successful in this regard.

Critical evidence? I don’t think it’s critical when it’s out-of-date research or doesn’t make the points you claim it makes. Studies of fatherless children include absolutely no research on same-sex couples, for example. And a letter Freud wrote to some mother of a gay kid? That’s history; it doesn’t hold much clout against modern research.

After weeks of 20+ hour days, our attorneys finally were able to get a good night’s rest. We appreciate your prayers for them and your words of encouragement. Starting today, they will be working for the next 30 days to submit additional briefings to the judge. They will also start preparing to go back before Judge Walker sometime in March to present final closing arguments. And then we will await the court’s ruling.

Awwwww… defending discrimination is such hard work! I’m so glad they get to take their little nappie-poos. I’m grateful for people’s prayers too. It’s a lot of time that they’re not spending actively demonizing and discriminating.

No matter how Judge Walker rules, all sides agree that this is just the first stage in a much longer journey that will ultimately end at the U.S. Supreme Court. No matter which side wins this first legal test, the case is surely to be appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and eventually to the nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even though the live testimony has ended, we must continue our efforts to secure the resources needed for a strong legal defense of Prop 8.

Here comes the part where Prentice really lays the self-pity on thick, because he wants money.

Every person involved in our legal defense has made tremendous sacrifices. Lead trial counsel Charles Cooper and his team from the Cooper & Kirk law firm have done a spectacular job. Special thanks is also due to the excellent attorneys of the Alliance Defense Fund who donated literally thousands of hours of legal work as part of the defense team.

Does that include all the time they spent tweeting in the overflow room to reinforce the demonization and make sure their followers only saw what they wanted them to see?

In particular, we are also extremely grateful to our own General Counsel, Andy Pugno. Not only has he worked tirelessly for months on end and represented us ably in the courtroom, his entire family has paid a price as Andy has been fighting for the institution of marriage. We owe him, and his family, a debt of gratitude.

Given the amount of nonsense we’ve seen him blog or say live at press conferences, it must be terribly embarrassing for his family.

Below is a statement Andy released to the media late yesterday about the case. It’s an excellent summary of how this show trial unfolded. The video of the full press conference can be view on our website.

I’m impressed that PM actually left the full press conference up and didn’t just crop the video down to the part where Pugno speaks. Oddly enough, Prentice bothers here to quote everything Pugno wrote in his last post. Just click here to read that while I skip to the end of Prentice’s.

Thank you for your continued help through prayer, financial support, encouragement, and spreading the word. We – all of us – are responsible for the shape of our society when we hand it off to future generations.

Ron Prentice, Executive Director

It wouldn’t be a Protect Marriage post if it didn’t remind its readers that children are at risk.

Of course, comments and pings are closed. They want people to spread the word, but they won’t humor any discussion. We wouldn’t want anything on the site that gets off message, now would we? Just keep praying and letting us spoon-feed you our narrow scope of the trial!

I wonder if PM will respond any further to the recent outing of Judge Walker? Until then, stay tuned to the Prop 8 Trial Tracker for regular updates about everything that’s going on!

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  • Buffy says:

    We – all of us – are responsible for the shape of our society when we hand it off to future generations.
    What about the LGBT citizens in those “future generations”?  Oh, that’s right.  They don’t exist except as fodder for the “ex-gay” programs and as pawns in the political fights of people like Prentice.   Their rights and needs are of no concern.

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