Teachers Make The Difference! Help My Friend!

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A friend of mine from Ithaca College needs your help! Please read his message below (my emphasis added)!

Dear Family,

No matter how frustrated I get with being a teacher; I would be lying if I said that this experience has not been a blessing. As you know, I currently live in Atlanta teaching 9th and 12th grade English with Teach for America. I was originally hired to teach only 9th grade, but my principal asked me to take on 17 seniors. At first, I was very nervous. I was not sure if I could make a connection with them, since I was coming in as they were preparing leaving. Little did I know, these 17 students would become more than just my students, but brothers and sisters.

When they first arrived, only 4 of them wanted to go to college. The rest of them had given up on the idea of succeeding in higher education. However, through my own college experiences and some tough love, I was able to spice up their dream of what life after high school could look like for them. Throughout the year, I have gotten into yelling fits with some of my seniors, I have twisted arms (literally), and even cried with some of them. We have created a bond with each other that many of them say they will never forget. They have worked so hard this year and I want to surprise them with something that will help them in college.

After thinking about the perfect gift, I finally realized the best gift would be a laptop. It would assure that they had something to type papers with and do research. I did some research of my own and found the perfect laptop to fit their needs; the Dell Inspiron 15. You are probably wondering where you come in on this project. I am hoping that you will be able to assist me in this endeavor by donating what ever you can to provide them with a tool that will help them succeed in college. I know that many of us are working hard to save money, but I promise that your donation to this endeavor will really help out this group of seniors with so much potential.

Below is a link to my blog, where you will find a button to make a donation. You will also find some math that I did to calculate how much I will need to make this become a reality. ANYTHING you can donate will be greatly appreciated! Also, attached to this e-mail you will find the specs of the laptop that has been chosen. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have and feel free to share this with any of your friends. The more people I can get, the better chance I have of helping my students in a big way.

All my love,

Cornell F. Woodson


$399.00 – Laptop

$151.00 – taxes/laptop


$550.00 x 17 = $9350.00

Link to blog: My TFA Experience

If you can do ANYTHING to help my friend with this worthwhile cause, please do!! Click here to email him directly.

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