A Reminder of Why The Catholic Church Sucks

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As if we needed one.

It still bothers me I once identified as Catholic. Let’s see what the Church has been up to.

» Last month, the Washington DC Archdiocese announced they would completely end their foster care program because of same-sex marriage. The thought of having to place homeless children with same-sex couples was just too despairing, so they just said they weren’t going to do any foster care for anybody anymore. Those values of love and service were never more evident. (Washington Post story from 2/17.)

» Further, the Washington DC Archdiocese announced they would no longer offer spousal benefits to anybody. Only those spouses who are currently enrolled are grandfathered in; no spouse will ever get new benefits from the Church in the Washington area. This is the penance straight couples will pay to avoid catering to same-sex couples. Discrimination against gays is more important than… well… anything, apparently. (Washington Post story from 3/2.)

» Just in case these other actions didn’t make it clear, an Italian cardinal set things straight by saying you can’t be Catholic and support same-sex marriage. If any politicians were to suggest otherwise, they could count on being excommunicated. It’s nice to see the Church so open to debate. (Story in The Pilot from 2/19.)

» That’s not all! You can’t be Catholic and try to be safe from AIDS, either. Bishops in the Philippines called for the firing of the Health Secretary and staff there for daring to distribute condoms to help reduce HIV infection rates! How horrid! (AP News story from 2/22.)

» Apparently, though, you can be gay without supporting same-sex marriage, which means you can be Catholic? But, you can be fired for it. Of course, it could be that it’s the prostitution part that’s wrong in regards to the current gay prostitution scandal inside the Vatican. So far, two have been dismissed for it. (New York Times story from 3/4.)

» And let’s put some icing on the cake today: you can’t go to a Catholic-run preschool if your parents are lesbians. The Colorado Archdiocese wants everyone to keep quiet, but that didn’t stop the school’s staff from speaking out anonymously about how horrid this decision is. Here’s the full story from Boulder (3/4):

For the record, this post is just about the Church, not about the people.

Do I hate all people who identify as Catholic? No. In fact, I really try hard not to hate any people.

Do I think all people who identify as Catholic are accountable for the actions of the Church that they support with their membership and tithing? Yes.

You can distinguish yourself and your beliefs from the Church all you want folks, but if you still leave a dollar in the basket at Mass, you are part of the problem. You are responsible for these actions and attitudes.

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There are 5 Comments to "A Reminder of Why The Catholic Church Sucks"

  • DV82XL says:


    Vatican chorister and usher in gay prostitution scandal
    One of Pope Benedict’s ceremonial ushers and a member of an elite choir in St Peter’s Basilica have been implicated in a gay prostitution ring, in the latest sexual scandal to taint the Vatican.

  • ZackFord says:

    Haha, I got that one! You must’ve missed it. 😛

  • Debbie says:

    My brother-in-law, who is Catholic, recently asked me to be his son’s godmother. I told him that I would be delighted. The priest at his church told him that I could not, because I am not Catholic. My husband and son are Catholic. My son attends a Catholic school. Our hard-earned money goes into the church coffers every Sunday. I suppose that he thinks the priest in Churchill that was recently arrested for viewing child pornography on his computer, in the church, would be a better godparent? In my eyes, this man has done nothing but attempt to drive a wedge into our family. My sister, who is also non-Catholic, is my son’s godmother. Should I send this priest the definition of the word “arbitrary?”

  • Michele says:

    I need to vent because I am enraged with Father Jim of St. Augustine’s Church in Troy, NY. I was at my mothers since last Friday and observed my mother closely. I extended my stay because I was concerned for her health. I made an appointment with her new doctor I just changed for her. On Friday morning I looked through the papers in the house to locate the Power of Attorney to show the doctor for medical reasons and came across a Will my mother has designed a few years back. It says that Father Jim is her proxy and also she is leaving a 5 generation home to St Augustine’s church and ALL her assets. I was in such shock when I saw this I went down to her doctor and spoke to him only about her health. He said my mother NEEDS to stop drinking, she has medical issues that must be addressed. I am now back downstate and have not been able to stop thinking about this. I confronted my mother but she eludes the conversation with other things.
    I am disgusted with the Catholic Church more so than ever because Father Jim is fully aware of this and he allowed my mother to make such a erratic decision KNOWING my mother has a daughter, grand daughter and grand children. WHO does this???? My mother has been giving the church a lot of money through the years, and now this? I had left a few voice messages with Father Jim PRIOR to me knowing about the Will out of concern for my mother and he NEVER or has yet to return my calls. I am just venting but also I am enraged with this man and his church. I was raised in a Catholic school in this church, growing up in a strict Catholic family. I am the only living child, my mother is DEMONIC!

  • Fred Jones says:

    Report: Priests, Missionaries Sexually Abuse Nuns
    by Steve Pagani, Reuters – March 20, 2001
    Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2001 06:02 pm CST

    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican acknowledged Tuesday a damning report that some priests and missionaries were forcing nuns to have sex with them, and were in some cases committing rape and forcing the victims to have abortions.

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