A Very Quick Prop 8 Update And Another Whiny Protect Marriage Blog Post

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As we await closing arguments to be scheduled, here are a couple little updates from the Prop 8 case:

» There was a chance the closing arguments might be televised. But, it doesn’t seem like they will.

» Olson and Boies have filed a 294-page report detailing the unconstitutionality of Proposition 8. (Click here for the PDF.)

» Olson and Boies were on PBS’s Bill Moyers Journal over the weekend.

» Episodes of the Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment continue to come out. I will make sure I try to keep the Perry v. Schwarzenegger archive is updated! (I have been negligent with keeping up with these updates! My apologies!)

Now, let’s check in with the latest spin from Ron Prentice at ProtectMarriage.com!

Political Powerlessness in Action

We already know from the title that this post will be another attempt to show that the “homosexual movement” is incredibly powerful, and that’s exactly why they don’t deserve their rights. Right.

Dear Friends,

We are certainly not friends. Maybe we’re not supposed to be reading this?

You may recall from one of my earlier e-mails that the plaintiffs’ lawyers, in their bid to overturn Prop 8, asserted during the Perry v Schwarzenegger federal trial that homosexuals are “politically powerless.” They tried to make the case that this alleged political disadvantage is so extreme that it must be corrected by providing homosexuals special protection under the United States Constitution.

Well, when the majority votes not just to prevent our rights but to remove them, then yes, I’d say we need more protection.

When our team of able legal experts questioned the plaintiffs’ witnesses on this matter, they were forced to acknowledge that the “gay agenda” has a bevy of esteemed and active elected officials in their stable of support, including both California U.S. Senators, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Governor, the current, openly homosexual California Assembly Speaker, several openly homosexual state senators and/or assembly members, the current mayors of California’s largest cities and the state’s Attorney General.

How nice of them to actually call it the gay agenda! It’s refreshing to hear us called by the words we choose to identify with.

The problem here is that when you can count the number of supporters on two hands, they are still exceptions. Further, it doesn’t matter if they say they are supportive if their actions don’t speak power to their words. When I think of Nancy Pelosi, for example, I don’t think of her as an advocate for LGBT issues. She certainly hasn’t gone out of her way in the slightest, and the plaintiffs’ witnesses spoke to this empty kind of support in their testimony.

By that measure alone, it is difficult to accept the notion that homosexuals are a politically powerless lot. Let’s not be naïve, the homosexual lobby holds powerful sway over what goes on in the halls of our state Capitol.

No, Ron, let’s not be naïve. If we really had sway, then all the blatantly discriminatory laws against would be repealed and all the protections would be passed.

Further, last Friday was the final day lawmakers could introduce legislation in the current session. And guess what? California’s largest homosexual advocacy group, Equality California, sponsored three bills to further advance their agenda, one of which would eliminate what they consider a barrier to legalizing same-sex marriage.

Think about this. Ron is trying to give us credit merely for introducing bills.

Senate Bill 906 was introduced by openly-gay Senator Mark Leno, who has carried the gay lobby’s water since he was elected.  It removes from current law any obligation by clergy to “marry” same-sex partners and prevents their refusal from having any negative implications on a synagogue or church’s tax-exempt status.

While “divorcing” religious marriage from civil marriage, this bill further exemplifies just how cunning the homosexual lobby can be.  In fact, much can be read into Senator Leno’s comment in the Bay Area Reporter when he said religious entities “have no business interfering with the fundamental right of everyone’s access to marriage.”

We go out of our way to provide unnecessary extra protections for religious organizations and leaders and we’re still the bad guys. We’re cunning and manipulative? Look in the mirror, Ron.

Equality California may promote this bill as nothing more than a way to clarify the issue for people who are “confused about the difference between civil marriage and religious marriage,” but what they are really after is a way – any way – to invalidate the votes of 7 million Californians who voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

Parsing words the way they are with SB 906 is just another clear example of how powerful the homosexual lobby is in exerting its political influence on the rest of society.

Who’s saying that? You’re saying that, Ron. Oh, and now we’re back to “homosexual lobby.”

On another note, Friday was a big day for our legal team in the Perry v Schwarzenegger case.  After weeks of work following the conclusion of the evidentiary portion of the trial, our team submitted our post-trial briefings to Judge Vaughn Walker.

Really??? Where are they? You can read the plaintiffs’ above, so where can we read yours? I see nothing posted on ProtectMarriage.com or ADF’s site whatsoever. Are you so insecure about your arguments you won’t even share them widely? Perhaps you’re still looking for an answer to that question about how same-sex marriage hurts heterosexual marriages.

We appreciate all of your prayers and financial support throughout these trial proceedings. This is just the first step in a long legal battle to preserve traditional marriage. We are now waiting for Judge Vaughn Walker to announce the date for closing arguments and we will have much work to do for that step in the journey as well. We ask for your continued support through both prayer and financial sacrifice during this time as we move closer toward the completion of the district court trial and then on to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We will keep you informed as we learn more from Judge Walker.

Financial sacrifice. Be a martyr for bigotry, folks. Your penitence to Jesus could be tribute to inequality!

And here at ZackFord Blogs, we will keep you informed of all the nonsense and bigotry that continues to come spewing forth from ProtectMarriage.com.

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There are 3 Comments to "A Very Quick Prop 8 Update And Another Whiny Protect Marriage Blog Post"

  • Alan E. says:

    I have copies of the DI’s briefs. Someone pulled it from the government document site (she had to pay), and she has been distributing them for free to anyone that wants it. I can forward it to you if you like.

  • Buffy says:

    Apparently the bigots put forth some <a href=”>new “arguments”</a> recently.  Among other things they claim that if SSM is allowed, bisexuals will demand they be allowed to marry multiple people (the classic polygamy slippery slope with a twist), and that unmarried fathers will have an incentive to abandon their children (as if they’ve ever needed any, and why the fark do we keep getting blamed for the crappy behavior of heterosexuals?).   In other words, they’re just flinging random poo and hoping it will stick because they have absolutely nothing of substance and they know the case they put forth in court was abysmal.

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