An Atheist Perspective on St. Patrick’s Day


There are a number of reasons I don’t like St. Patrick’s Day, as an atheist:

» It’s named for a patron Saint who was a religious leader.

» It is a Catholic Holiday.

» It celebrates the superstition of luck.

» It celebrates believing in mythical creatures (whose myth also reinforces capitalism).

» Green is so not my color.

Here are reasons I do like St. Patrick’s Day:

» Green is so my blog’s color.

» Any excuse to include rainbows is a good one.

» Despite the clues in its name, most people forget it’s named after a saint.

» In US celebrations, there are no references to the religion behind the holiday.

» Did I mention there is Irish blood flowing through these veins?

» The primary celebration of the event is drinking and having a good time.

I actually think that if the Jews had led more crusades, we’d commit to the same level of celebration for Purim.

Be safe and have a good time everybody!!

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