ProtectMarriage’s Anti-Science Selective Plagiarism and Self-Victimization

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I realized after I wrote the headline that it could probably apply to just about anything ProtectMarriage might ever put out, but it seemed the most apt description of the latest blog post from Ron Prentice.

Normally, when a PM blog post goes up, I quote the entire thing verbatim and analyze it. I’m not going to do that this week, because most of the post is quoted itself directly from a different source. Apparently, Mr. Prentice was never versed on the blockquote tag, which is why his post reads like plagiarism. What’s most interesting about this phenomenon is the way the quoting happens. It’s not all surprising that a group with narrow-minded motives would be selective in what they quote, but what is interesting is that Prentice selectively quoted an already-conservative news site.

I’ll let Mr. Prentice set up the issue at hand. (Note my expert use of the blockquote tag to distinguish his writing from my own.)

Behind-the-Scenes Tactics of Homosexual Activists

A cornerstone of the plaintiffs’ legal strategy in the Perry v Schwarzenegger case is the political powerlessness of homosexuals. On cross-examination, our legal team was able to tear giant holes in this bogus assertion, noting that the homosexual lobby has reliable and active allies in the White House, our State House and in cities and counties across California.

Now comes news of strong-arming another influential association into submission, underscoring the political success of those who want society to accept gay “marriage” as normal. reported an alarming behind-the-scenes look at how same-sex marriage advocates bullied the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) into flip-flopping its long-held position on traditional marriage.

I can’t help but think of “homosexual lobby” as a lobby that has been diagnosed as having unnatural attractions to lobbies of the same sex.

At any rate, therapists were “bullied” into supporting marriage equality. When I think of bullies, I think of physical threats in order to take something away; I think of holding up a fist to try to take lunch money. I don’t think of holding up decades of scientific DATA confirming the mental health benefits of encouraging individuals to develop stable same-sex relationships to encourage an organization to adjust its views to fit the standards of their profession as “bullying.”

Obviously, Ron Prentice reaches for nonsense wherever he can get it. And his motives are not at all surprising.

I’m not going to quote all the nonsense about the evil “tactics” of how members of CAMFT rallied their own organization from within to take a stand on marriage equality. It’s not all that interesting, and it’s kind of a bummer to see a positive change written about in such a negative way. Here, though, is a very important paragraph from LifeSiteNews that Ron Prentice neglected (intentionally, I’m sure) to include in his plagiarizing blog post:

East Bay CAMFT asserted that “homosexuality is not a condition needing treatment or cure,” and described “scientific facts” it considered the basis for “affirmative therapeutic approaches,” including the notion that “same-sex sexual behavior, attractions and orientations per se are normal and positive variants of human sexuality.”  The group now condemns change-oriented therapy as having no “enduring benefit” and only causing “harm,” and blames the prevalence of mental illness among homosexuals on “stress as a result of social prejudice against homosexuality.”

Now, just ignore the mocking quotes around scientific facts and you’ll see what’s really happening here. It’s been over 30 years since the APA stopped diagnosing homosexuality as a mental illness, but CAMFT is still willing to treat it as such. That’s just bad practice. Plus, it maintains the stigma cycle… gays are condemned, gays seek therapy, gays are condemned… you get the picture.

And of course Ron ignored that paragraph because it conflicts with his true motive for (re)writing this drivel on PM’s blog:

A celebratory announcement on CTME’s website credits “countless hours and the efforts of hundreds” who pressured CAMFT for the shift in viewpoint. So much for the homosexual lobby being powerless. And so much for CAMFT holding to an objective, research-based platform.

We depend on your generous support to continue to fight against the homosexual marriage activists whose relentless bullying is paying off, little by little. Their strategy is to chip away at groups, one by one, until marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is commonplace and marriage between a man and a woman is a relic. Please help us fight this ongoing battle.

Actually, Ron, CAMFT’s position change REFLECTS a research-based platform. It’s just not research you like. It’s modern, relevant, and valid.

You just want money. You want people to be afraid their marriages will be ruined, you want people to be afraid of gay people for being “bullies,” you want people to continue to be ignorant about what the research really says, and you want people to keep paying you to help keep them ignorantly paying you. It’s a sham, a Ponzi scheme. You are milking Prop 8 for as much as you can.

Sorry, Ron, but I just have to keep calling you out on your nonsense. You use people to hurt people and you hurt people to use people. How do you sleep at night? Probably quite comfortably with all the money you’ve purloined.

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