Bing Doesn’t Do Me, Zack Ford, Justice

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Note: This post has no substance.

So, every once in a while, I do a search for “Zack Ford” on different search engines. I’m not a narcissist; I just like to check and see where the blog is coming up. It’s interesting to see how things come up differently on different engines.

Normally, the Zack Ford on imdb comes up first. He’s written a few movies, I guess. I don’t see why he pings so high; it must just be imdb’s SEO. In fact, on my latest bing search, there’s now a second Zack Ford on imdb coming up. Then you get my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and finally the blog.

For some reason, some 17-year-old on MySpace now has THE TOP SEARCH RESULT on bing. Here’s how he describes himself (my emphases):

Hey guys. Im zack Ford just as the page says it doesnt lie. Well i guess the reason you reeding this is to find out more about me. Well what can I say im a nice guy and love to hang out with friends. I used to be a really big fan of NASCAR I went to the Daytona 500 twice and seen a cupple of Michigan races. On my free time ill eather be hanging out with my friends or lissioning to some good music. But yeah I couldent live without music. I used to lisson to Rammstein but latley I have been lissoning to Slipknot, Disturbed, Cradle of filth, and Alice and Chains. But sence Rammstein came out with there new album I have been really digging there shit. Well message me and lets talk ill talk to anyone.

Also, in his latest status update, he tells us:

Not going to be on tomarow or thursday. Going to be Video editing for Dragon World tomarow. And Thursday im going to be shooting.

I’m calling attention to this poor Zack Ford because he’s hurting the ZF reputation! While I see no appeal in NASCAR and cannot relate to his taste in music, these things are forgivable.

What makes me sad is his spelling. He’s a teenager with a MySpace, so I can even forgive his fragments and run-on sentences, but his spelling is atrocious.

Education needs help. And hopefully this kid is as narcissistic as I am and he searches and finds this post, and feels embarrassed, and goes back and proofreads all the words in green. It would be a good start.

Zack Ford, if you would like a writing tutor, please let me know.

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