College Journalists FTW! Mike Huckabee Now Down By 2

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Remember last week when Mike Huckabee spewed all that anti-gay and anti-atheist language?

I do (even though nobody else is talking about his anti-atheist language, except PZ of course).

Well, apparently, he wasn’t very happy with what was printed in that The Perspective article (The Perspective being a student-run newsmagazine at The College of New Jersey), and now he’s trying to play a different tune. He said in response:

The young college student hopefully will find a career other than journalism. I would ask that he release the unedited tape of our conversation. I believe that what people do as individuals in their private lives is their business, but I do not believe we should change the traditional definition of marriage. Not only did he attempt to sensationalize my well known and hardly unusual views of same-sex marriage, he also inaccurately reported my views on Michael Steele as GOP chairman – I offered my support and didn’t “Rip into Steele” as his article asserted. I had a candid and frank conversation with the group about health care, education, the economy and national security while the young journalism student, instead, chose to focus on the issue of same-sex marriage and grossly distort my views.

In other words, these college students suck and I’m not as mean as you’re making me look.

What a tool. I know calling Mike Huckabee a tool on my blog is not the most mature analysis, but that’s pretty much what he is, and someone needs to say it.

The Perspective has done a marvelous job of rising above:

It is unfortunate that in the wake of his interview with The Perspective, Gov. Mike Huckabee has resorted to ad hominem attacks intended to cast doubt upon our credibility as a publication. This sort of desperate tactic is not surprising, however; politicians in damage-control mode often stoop to attacking the media so they might avoid being accountable for the substance of their remarks.

It is telling that nowhere in his statement did Huckabee suggest he was misquoted in the article, and rightfully so; we have the audio and transcripts to prove that everything reported is accurate.

Huckabee’s problem seems to lie more in the focus of the article, which is centered partially on LGBT issues. We feel that same-sex marriage, laws prohibiting gays and lesbians from adopting children, and ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ are legitimate policy concerns about which to question national political figures. Gov. Huckabee may disagree.

But regardless, his words speak for themselves, and it is a shame that he is now so quickly embarrassed of them.

Further, Huckabee’s claim that he defended RNC Chairman Michael Steele is simply not true.

Have a listen. (Things are a bit out of order — in the interest of getting this out there, we had to improvise.)

If you can tell what was “grossly distorted,” please let us know.

M. C. Tracey

Way to call his bluff and respond maturely, TCNJ! You proudly represent college students and college journalists across the nation.

You’re more than welcome to listen to the interview, but if you find the sound of Huckabee’s folksy ignorance grating, take my word for it. He got nailed.

(Note: The following sentence is written correctly.) In Huckabee’s defense, the recording reveals that he did say that he didn’t say that atheists have no moral groundings, except for a few seconds before he said that when he talked about people who claim to be religious and “live as if they’re atheists, as if they have no moral groundings at all.” He’s not being forgiven for that one.

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